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Pizza Hut is allied with Toyota to take the oven to the customer's door; tastiest pizzas in record time


Pizza Hut He not stay behind and why it has joined the technology race involving the distribution of food. In recent months timeouts offered by its direct competitors, and especially for Domino’s, They have been reduced to such an extent that the difference is becoming a problem.

That's why the famous restaurant chain specializing in pizzas organized It has teamed up with Toyota to catch.

They will do so by a new vehicle which will deliver tasty pizzas in record time. He pick-up designed by car manufacturer carries in his box all necessary to create the pizza requested by the customer during transit equipment: Kitchen robotic arms, ovens, protected cabinets for ingredients, etc.

As a basis on which to build this specialized business model, Toyota Motor Corp. has chosen a pick-up with great success among US citizens. UU., He Toyota Tundra. For now there is only a prototype available, but the idea is that the final models start rolling the streets as soon as possible.

It has not revealed a specific date for this to happen, However. It is expected to patrol the streets and in 2019, as the model Toyota, but it uses hydrogen as fuel, will not autonomous driving system, which undoubtedly delay the public release, because this technology is still in its infancy and is also subject to many additional regulations.

This oven on wheels will be able to Bake pizza in six or seven minutes, and during this same time the home delivery will be. The result? A steaming pizza and all its aromas, fresh from the oven and delivered far less than ten minutes, the usual waiting time in other business sector.

CEO of customers and operations for US. UU., Nicolas Burquier He commented that they are "bringing the oven to the customer's door, no one is doing this ", and then added that they are "very obsessed with the user experience". The strategy is clear, the closer you are household or destination points, more hot and tasty product will be delivered.

In this way Pizza Hut broadens the spectrum of business strategies you can employ to improve their urban logistics operations.

While other organized catering franchises are opting to use predictive models based on big data and artificial intelligence applications to open new stores minimizing competition with rival businesses, maximizing the influx of potential customers and reducing business cannibalization between nearby establishments, this new initiative kills two birds with one stone.

On the one hand the substantially improved consumer experience. The product received is, undeniably, best quality; and waiting times are improved cuantiosamente.

On the other hand, it is possible to run the food distribution in most neighborhoods. The area of ​​influence of each local will be higher thanks to the new Toyota Tundra Pizza Hut. Power delivery is also outside regular postal addresses. It does not sound good to receive a small pizza when you are picnicking in a city park? Comfort service can soar to new heights.

In any case, Pizza Hut is not the only company is investigating this solution. A competitor may be emerging which has inspired the famous brand of pizza.

We speak, how not, from juice Pizza, the small California initiative founded in 2015 and that in recent years has caused a furor with his enhanced by collaborative robots or cobots kitchen and car fleet deal with integrated ovens. Zume Pizza is booming after receiving several rounds of funding from national and international investors. Growth that may have alerted subsidiary Yum! Brands.

And is that the mobility technology in the catering sector It is in full buzz. The number of takeout orders has not only increased in recent years and the trend for the times that are coming is still the increase.

A) Yes, some restaurants are beginning to see how their classrooms are not filled; nothing can beat the convenience of a meal in the privacy of own home.

The logical solution is enhance turnover to carry and offer solutions such consumer espoleen, between them, digital interfaces that permit easy and convenient communication with the store.

The socioeconomic reasons that motivate this growth are many-colored: tight schedules, concentration of population in cities, increased use of mobile commerce, greater demands on what hygiene in catering organized dedicated to fast food is concerned and presence of options to order food online.

And the actions that companies have to take, clear:

  • autonomous driving and cooked through robotics in transit.
  • integrated social networking interfaces own websites, endowed with chatbots or compatible tools with virtual assistants Voice.
  • Customization services.
  • Traceroute using real-time predictive analysis and internal and external macrodata.
  • Enhance the user experience and reduce waiting times.
  • Offer a differentiated product and strengthen corporate image.

Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Zume Pizza franchises and many other large and small are actively working to cover all these fronts, the most important, so they get retain as many users as possible. Whatever it takes to achieve that volume of recurring business as desired.

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