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Pizza Hut is associated with FedEx to try a new food delivery robot home in USA. THE.


What company does not yet have its own Casting robot? The list of companies that have developed their own model continues to increase, clear indication that robotics solutions in the distribution of food delivery are interesting for the sector. Kiwi, Alibaba, Amazon, Starship Technologies, Thyssenkrupp…, FedEx now.

FedEx It is one of the largest courier companies and postal US. UU., so it is logical for them interested in the market of home delivery of items.

The robot will use for your tests is a design DEKA Development & Research Corp., that brings to the fore names, as Dean Kamen, Company founder and creator of the famous robotics Segway.

Creating Kamen is a sturdy automaton with the regular appearance of robots for final leg cast. It is known for being higher than the versions of other companies, feature that grants a pro and against. On the one hand cameras and sensors will have a better line of sight so they can more effectively interpret the obstacles in your way. Moreover the center of gravity of the system is located above and this limits the speed at which tip is along sidewalks; this is just 16 kilometers per hour.

Despite its low speed, this will not be a problem since according to trade macrodata, a 60% buyers live less than five kilometers from the shop where you buy Remotely.

curiously, there is also a difference in the way in which it opens the drawer where the goods are stored. Unlike the top cover position on other models, the robot used by FedEx will demonstrate double doors that open onto the side. The result is that the drawer is exposed fully facilitating the collection of assets acquired.

FedEx It has the support of several US businesses to carry out this pilot, among them they are Auto Zone, Target, Walmart Y Pizza Hut.

Of particular relevance is the participation of the pizzeria, as in catering and food delivery at home, small distance transport service too expensive provided by the restaurant. Robots allow distribution without human dealers and customers perceive a lower price without reducing profit margins.

At the moment FedEx is the only postal company has been encouraged to participate in this contest in the US. THE. Its most direct competitor, UPS You prefer to try their luck with the deal with drones, FedEx also investigates front.

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