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Dishes from the best chefs served in the car: expanding the boundaries of the drive-thru


It was in 2019, the restaurant chain Chipotle the one that got down to work to adapt its operating model to an emerging trend: the drive-thrus. What they did not know is that the timid growth they observed in that year due to the pull of the options of delivery and food delivery at home would become shortly after is a revolution for the sector.

Although Chipotle was the first company to express interest, with the arrival of the coronavirus crisis the volume of business associated with car lanes has increased around 50 percent so far this year. This is due to the need for rapid adaptation to very volatile circumstances where the performance of the hospitality business is in question due to the reluctance of the consumers themselves and the limitations imposed by governments.

The capacity limitations within the premises have been tried to alleviate by expanding the terraces and reusing unused spaces such as the outside sidewalk of the establishment or the parking lot. In this way the curbside pickup or pick up off the premises, and the drive-thrus, either proper or improvised.

Burger King, McDonald’s, Taco Bell and other organized restaurant brands dedicated to the fast and casual food niche have joined this trend. While some franchises explore how to offer the service without incurring large expenses, others plan to open new stores with drive-thru multilane, or join in an architectural reform of the exteriors as has happened with the "Restaurants of tomorrow" of the hamburger chain that opens the paragraph.

What seemed to be a consensus so far is that the possibility of implementing this system of delivery drivers was restricted to restaurants operating in the fast food niches, casual and hybrid fast-casual.

Nothing is further from reality. Just popped up in Los Angeles (California, OF. UU.) a new initiative that aims to break with this preconception. A barrier that, once i fall, will allow any restaurant that wishes to join the business drive-thru.

The proposal in question is a collaboration between Losers, a major partner technology for restaurant reservation management in the US, Y 10 famous chefs of the angelina city. Its celebration took place last October, during the third weekend of the month, and was a great success among the citizens of the great Californian city, who for a long time had not had such a safe opportunity to enjoy dishes gourmet.

The coronavirus crisis has made life difficult in the California coastal city in recent months. After the summer, the rate of contagion skyrocketed, And the bad memories of the spring surge were revealed again. Consumption in restaurant businesses declined again without the need for the state governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, had to address the population. The losses for this guild are already estimated at 120 billions of dollars.

With the shadow of the zippers hanging over them, The restaurateurs did not take long to rebuild themselves and devise ways in which to overcome the new consumption habits that prevailed.

In this sense, Resy has been a great help to the chefs, it has served as a platform to launch a much larger project. This, at the same time, has allowed the scope of the initiative to be substantially greater: American Express has funded the pilot test with a view to its possible commercial exploitation in the near future. In return, the participating renowned chefs have agreed with those responsible for the app mobile reservation management that the event be named Resy Drive Thru.

The event was simple. It was held for two nights outside the Hollywood Palladium. There the drive-thru improvised with the money contributed by the financial institution and brought to reality by the hand of the organizers of Resy, offered the tasting of a menu of 10 dishes signed by chefs like Nancy Silverton, than with its spiced lamb with tzatziki Greek won the affection of the diners.

Attendees received a tray with food in their vehicle. The price per person was 95 Dollars, and among other wonderful dishes they could enjoy a small artisan mortadella sandwich with fondue truffled apple (courtesy of the kitchen of the Jon & Vinny’s) or a caramel and ganache tart garnished with Hojicha green tea (creation of the Japanese restaurant Konbi).

All participating chefs designed their dishes expressly for the Resy Drive Thru. The idea was to bring the luxury food of its successful restaurants to an environment that, although it did not distill the same style, did not have to compromise presence, taste and experience of a designer dish.

Curtis Stone, one of the participating chefs, affects the complexity underlying the event. In his words «do [a drive-thru]from a perspective gourmet it is challenging but allows you to be creative ». The difficulty of bringing these dishes to delivery is certainly high, Curtis's words take on more weight if we understand that he is an expert in challenges.

Besides chef, Curtis Stone owns two restaurants in Los Angeles, the gwen and the maude. Maude closed at a loss a few months ago due to the coronavirus crisis, But Curtis has been able to overcome and retain the entire squad by redesigning the Gwen's mode of operation.. In addition to attaching a butcher shop to the restaurant specializing in high quality meats, is studying how to implement a drive-thru in his own restaurant after seeing how a competing restaurant in its area was taking off to success by erecting a driver-service lane that served a few 120 daily cars.

The accumulated experience with Resy Drive Thru it will be, undoubtedly, of great help. The rest of restaurateurs can learn from this success story that the menus, regardless of what they are, are not inherently at odds with the business model for drive-thru. There is a lot of business to capture, And the only thing that separates us from capitalizing on it are the particular difficulties that may arise during the installation of the service and on which we would have to work case by case if they ever appear.

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