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Little clothes and lots of fun, a recipe that fills restaurants


In recent years they are winning restaurants with waiters and waitresses dressed in a very suggestive attire and which also offer live shows.

There are restaurants where it seems that high temperatures last all year; one of them is Hooters, an American fast food franchise specializing in. They are characterized by an entourage of stunning waitresses sheathed in a tight tank top and a shorts.

There are many celebrities who have worked in some of the most 500 Restaurants are scattered throughout the United States. Hooters has been in their 25 years of life an important source of income for hundreds of thousands of girls who pay, with this job, His studies. And it is that all employees emphasize the high salary earned, to which must be added the amount of tips on several occasions which far exceeds the salary received in the nomina-. Hooters is not only present in the United States, but it has premises in other 19 countries like Canada, Singapore, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela or Australia.

Cafe Lu, Santa Ana (California), it has also become a focal point for those wishing to have a delicious coffee and enjoy the best views. All eyes are directed customers to the waitresses in the cafeteria, since her work uniform is his underwear. Wearing a bra and panty brief, the girls take their best smile to the locals who come to see major sporting events thanks to multiple TVs scattered throughout the local. further, to have the Cafe Lu always present, You can buy a calendar with the best photos of staff.

Such is the success of this new practice-which is the less clothes better- at the end of May this year was born its masculine version in a gay neighborhood of Dallas. He was given the name Tllywchkers. This local waiters wear a uniform integrated only by a brief underpants. With this new project aims to meet the needs of a public gay and female, also you enjoy live entertainment.

The expectation in the days before his inauguration was growing by the minute, both on the street and in social networks. His "likes" on Facebook so reflected: more of 21.500 in May; now they have already exceeded 48.000.

Across the pond there is a similar practice. and Taijin, a municipality located north of China and populated by millions of people, is a restaurant whose waiters are foreign models. Sadly, this only happens once a year. Each 14 specifically March, when the Chinese celebrate their special Valentine (which it is known as White day). That day, Aqua City mall hires Western men who dressed only in shorts that delights of neighboring tiajinesas. further, frequently they are required to be photographed with local women and, if they so desire, They must take their notes of their orders. It's an idea that originated in Japan and, in addition to China, It has been implemented in most neighboring countries. The recipe for success is the shortage of similar events, this year as Auto Shanghai has banned the fashion show from this 2015.

Fever gifted half-naked restaurants staff (or naked dry) It has also come to our country. The crisis sharpens the wit of small and medium businesses struggling because their businesses are not going to pique. That was how he came to Maria Jose Murciano offer something new in Spain: menu 8 euros with a very special dessert called Sexy show. This is, a fight clay, a stripteasse one one erotic baths.

The bar-restaurant La Campana (ribarroja, Valencia) I was male-oriented, who he was delighted with the girls shows. So much so that what began as something anecdotal, A weekly, It had to be extended to Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Lunches and meals for three days began to pick up the Valencian Local, reaching sums never seen before. Nevertheless, the pressures of his detractors ended the dream come true of many. Here I leave the video for everyone to form your own opinion.

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He graduated in journalism from the University of Valladolid although Fabero (Lion). Working for many years in the hospitality sector. Futura expert in food journalism and everything related to restaurants, a world that fascinates. His other passions: rock and sports.



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