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Pokémon Go revolutionizes restaurants


GastrouniI sincerely believe that this last week should be having christened the PokémonGoWeek. It has been impressive digital noise, rather, the digital earthquake that caused the launch of the new Nintendo game. No recuerdo ninguna otra acción con tanta fuerza y con un impacto tan global.

If we ignore the numbers, They are chilling, in just one week it has become the most popular mobile game in the history of the United States more active users than Twitter and where people spend more time on Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram. This global craze has had a strong impact on the stock market where the company's shares reached up one 93%.

Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle…They arrived in the nineties to conquer the younger population thanks to a video game Game Boy and now vuelven a enganchar a todos esos usuarios que hoy llevan un smartphone en su bolsillo. Here's the video presentation:

The game is still very simple, but now It is based on a new technology such as the augmented reality which allows users to go exploring your city with your smartphone to hunt these little characters of Japanese fiction called Pokémon.

But at this point, someone asked, ¿y todo esto de Pokémon Go que tiene que ver con los restaurantes?

As you advance which is one of the most important ways of monetizing this project, y es que una de las claves del juego es la posibilidad de to find these little people within establishments such as cafes, the bars restaurants.

the idea is the following, through un modelo de gamificación se puede captar a nuevos clientes que acudan a los restaurantes hunting for Pokémons and coinciding with the time of consumption choose to eat, cenar o tomar algo en el establecimiento.

But, How the game pays this model?

Very easy, can turn your restaurant into a PokéStops, que son lugares para recoger artículos tales como huevos o PokéBalls que te permiten capturar a los Pokémon, something cherished by players.

But not only that, los restaurantes pueden comprar por un 1$ una serie de módulos llamados “Lures” or lures that allow for 30 minutes Pokémons attract your property at a specific time, usually it coincides with the shift lunch or dinner, spread through digital environments and that this will attract customers eager to hunt these little beings.

We already have some examples of operation, como es el caso de Tom Lattancio el dueño de The Top of the Pizza Bar in Queens, NYC. This pizzeria increased sales 75% investing 10$ para atraer a Pokémons. “The number of people has been amazing, for the whole day, from afternoon to night all weekend, people came to hunt the Pokémon. And he ended up having dinner at the restaurant.” Tom told New York Post.

Another restaurant in Sydney announced that starting Tuesday could go to Pokémon hunt during lunch and dinner.


Some are offering Special discounts players to share photos through Twitter hunting Pokémons at his restaurant. The restaurant chain Applebee's They are promoting the fact that they have Pokémon in their establishments.

even some promote special gifts based on the different levels that the customer gets beat:

Pero una de las cosas que mas me ha llamado la atención es que Yelp, uno de los mayores portales del mundo de recomendaciones para restaurantes ha incluido dentro de the filter search criteria to find restaurants that are near a PokéStop, and that the effect of the Pokémon craze is so great that some customers are choosing restaurants based on the probability of finding Pokémon within them:

And eye because it seems that both Nintendo and the creator of the application Niantic, could launch soon new opportunities for restaurants they can attract players of Pokémon GO.

If you want to turn your restaurant into a place of reference Pokémons here tell you exactly how to do it:

7 steps to attract your restaurant to Pokémons

It is clear that the Pokémon Craze It is a reality that every day “spread” more users, although many think it's a fad fruit of the summer heat and lack of technological activity.

Each judge the possibilities for your restaurant represents such initiatives, but what I find most important is that gamificación model based on digital actions that have an impact on classroom environment is very relevant and can create precedents in the sector, today comes in the form of Pikachu, mañana la imaginación dirá.

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