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Popular and Facyre celebrate the Second Day Gastro Business


With the assistance of two hundred professionals and entrepreneurs in the food industry, the program “Boost for Food” It is part of the initiatives “Popular POOP”, already developed in the field of sport and culture, as sectors that generate economic growth and employment.

Participants stressed the importance of this sector for our economy, as well as the prestige of the brand to Spain.

Horeca represents a 7,6% of GDP and employs more than a million and a half people.

Popular and Federation of Chefs and Confectioners of Spain - Facyre - held today in Madrid the Second Conference Gastro Business, with the presence of two hundred professionals and entrepreneurs in the food industry.

The action is part of the program “Popular POOP”, a project to support entrepreneurial initiatives in various sectors project, as culture, sport and gastronomy. Specialization in companies and individuals Popular allows you to contribute experience and financial capacity and, with that, promote the growth of companies in these sectors.

The opening ceremony have made the deputy general manager and director of the Communication, Brand and Corporate Relations Popular, Carlos Balado and vice president of Facyre, Pedro Larumbe, who stressed the importance of this sector for our economy and for the prestige of the Mark Spain.

Pedro Larumbe, vice president of Facyre: "Facyre will continue working for the Spanish gastronomy and Mark Spain. Gastro Business is a special event for us and I thank all participants defense products and gastronomy of our country "

Carlos Balado, Deputy Director General and Director of the Communications, Brand and Corporate Relations Popular: "People are completely involved with SMEs and the real economy, hence we will share the Promotion of Gastronomy: A dynamic and innovative sector which is an example to follow and has managed to overcome various economic crises ".

List of speakers:

  • Ulpiano J. Vazquez
  • Diego Sandoval
  • Rafel Sandoval
  • Diego Coquillat
  • Chema León
  • Fernando Fregeneda
  • Dario Mendez
  • algel Solans
  • Peio Cruz
  • Diego Gallegos
  • Oops Muñoz
  • Gonzalo Hurtado
  • Ricard Camarena
  • Miguel Angel Luna




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