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“Above the business is the passion for restaurants”


In my previous article, 5 Social Media keys for restauranting 2013, He commented the main trends which in my opinion will emphasize in the SMRestauranting during this year.

The first point stressed the importance of the visual, mainly video, you will have over other content, stressing the need from restaurants to generate this type of content for better visibility and differentiation within the sector internet.

Today I want to show you a video that its author has shared with me @ignaciocampo through twitter and that is a clear example of all this.

Is Pello House in Madrid, a restaurant whose dishes are essentially life, traditional cuisine, Madrid stew, corns, the meatballs, oxtail, but I bet by the SMRestauranting and such content.

This is the video:

In closing I would like to reflect, I often find myself with a false reality in the sector and it seems that this type of visual content and quality are accessible only to a type of restaurant related to haute cuisine or Michelin stars, and that is not true, Any restaurant can generate these contents and approach their customers in an authentic way, different and more humane, as it has Pello House.

If you want to know more about this restaurant Click here [PELLO HOUSE] and the agency that made the video here [IGNACIOCAMPO.NET]

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