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Facebook Why you so interested in the restaurant industry?


There is nothing that the better eye for the food. If we look back, surely you will easily remember a time when a specific food became your object of desire, even without being hungry, by simply seeing a picture.

Gluttony is a sin that social networks are beginning to benefit substantially with hashtags like #foodporn or mythical snapshots of #foodies. For this reason We can not let our restaurant is left behind and we must feed well the social networks in which we are present.

Restaurants use them daily, they know very well for some years, you should use “the era of image” to bombard with attractive photographs able to attract the attention of potential supporters and, at the same time, They are become potential customers in many cases.

Facebook, the network giant and the one they depend on WhatsApp, eye, Messenger e Instagram, It has not overlooked the benefits of focus towards the restaurant industry. In fact, Facebook is one of the most powerful digital tools for the hospitality industry, allowing to reach more than 1.890 million users worldwide and 22 million in Spain, besides being selective about the audience you want addressed through segmentation.

Therefore, last April this social network announced a series of new, that advance very important for communication between this platform and restaurants.

Alliance tools between Facebook and hospitality

One of the great innovations is that it will automatically group the restaurant recommendations. In this way, they try to give strength to the classic “Word of mouth” of yore, but with greater visibility and speed, as the two biggest advantages that Facebook has.

But, How the system will work recommended restaurants? Thanks to the Intelligent Messenger Assistant that monitors conversations. If two users have a conversation in which mention a Japanese restaurant, the system itself to will offer a recommendation a restaurant near such service or food delivery.

Another very cool new feature for restaurants is the ability for users to order food directly from the Facebook page restaurant, thanks to platforms like Grubःub O Foodler. Likewise, for a while you can also hang on fan pages of the restaurants their menus, Apart from information on the location or business hours.

further, Facebook recently announced its alliance with Delivery.com. The latter is a food delivery service that has become very popular in some cities in the United States.. In this way, when placing an order in one of the registered restaurants you can find the information on it on the Facebook page restaurant, from there it can pay by credit card.

By last, the other great contribution Facebook It is aimed at suppressing the dedication of the owners of the fan pages restaurants manage and respond to customer feedback. Is about “Smart Replies”, a tool designed to eliminate the time spent addressing user concerns on issues relating to reservations or menu time, as will answer them automatically.

Smart Replies operation sounds like science fiction, and is that it will detect the usual doubts of customers regarding schedules, directions and reservations through a system of artificial intelligence software. After analyzing the information on the Facebook page will generate an immediate response to user.

Facebook benefits of its alliance with restaurants

But what company wins Zuckerberg with this? Very easy: an increase in their participation rates. They find it useful to gain interaction and visibility in fan pages, while restaurants benefit from the advantages of use the network as the main showcase of your business and enhance your brand.

In summary, Why Facebook is focusing on the restaurant industry?

1.-Because in the era of image, the impact of gastronomic photography or the offer of restaurant services genera greater response and user interaction.

2.-You want to compete with other applications and platforms food delivery or restaurant reservations management.

3.-Facebook gets economic benefit from increased participation rates users through advertising.

4.-It is intended to include options that meet different needs of users within a social network, in order to cover a greater number of potential clients.

5.-Turn word of mouth into a powerful and fast weapon in the world of online marketing in hospitality businesses.

6.- Stays as digital leader in the sector to other social networks without their numbers stagnate, as it is happening with the case of Twitter.

For all this, if you're owner of a restaurant or hospitality business, Facebook should be your reference when promoting your business and one of your main digital partners. Now that you know its new functions and possibilities, surely you can get the most out of this digital marketing giant.

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