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Why France is the world leader in the regulation of online reputation for restaurants?


France created in 2013 a Law for the regulation of customer reviews online, which it served as the basis for a new standard that will be ready from 2018. How did you get France to pioneer the regulation of online reputation?

Fabrice Deltaglia He is the CEO of nomad Adventure and chairman of the normalization committee AFNOR on the reputation online, it is very clear: "When it comes to choose a product, destination restaurant, users rely more on the opinions of strangers online than advertising, institutions or the media ".

Sólo las recomendaciones por parte de familiares tienen una tasa de confianza mayor. Brands have understood well and for that reason it is increasingly recurring recommendation from customers both in advertising and point of sale.

Anyway Confidence is still fragile regarding user reviews, and also it risks eroding the detriment of all, including the general public because of the malpractices that some restaurants are taking place.

Because opinions from anonymous you can find a restaurant They are not always positive or constructive. Sometimes underscore the malpractices of some industry players toiling in “redibujar” the opinions, remove negative messages, publishing false positives with the intention of improve your reputation online and negative opinions to tarnish the reputation of a competitor restaurant or even alter the order of publication of opinions for a more favorable impression.

With this background arises the need for regulation

In the context described above, French Association for Standardization AFNOR began with a 40 entities including platforms consumer opinions are, Service providers, Public authorities, consumer associations and unions, to work in a rule that would regulate the collection, moderation and publication of opinions on restaurants and other establishments on the Internet.

As a result, in July 2013 the text of the law was published, that agglutinated a structured set of rules to prevent any attempt at censorship or misappropriation of opinions on the net. These are the most important precepts:

  • Obligation to collect customer feedback from a comprehensive database
  • Do not direct the search to favorable priori contacts
  • The author of a notice must also be identifiable and locatable, and the date of the notification shall be indicated
  • Editing the contents must be done before publication
  • The publication of notices must be done in order anticronológico

A rule that generated controversy among French restaurants

This set of best practices and standards have been considered too restrictive by French professionals, since only twenty sites have the relevant certification. Nevertheless many others meet the standards without being certified.

What is the midpoint? Some stakeholders believe that the large number of opinions that are generated each day, and it is increasing, will allow a kind of self-regulation volume, since failed opinions drown in the mass.

The debate occurs at the same time in the world

This Concern about regulation of online reputation It is not exclusive to France. International Standard ISO 20488 cooking takes from 2014, and borrows more than one 90% the text of the French standard, adapted and expressed more simply.

The conclusion is that American, Chinese and Europeans are worried about the same technical points previously expressed (editing content, chronology of posting comments, etc.).

It seems clear that at the end, it will be possible to reach a consent. In fact it is expected that the international standard is published in early 2018. You should replace the French version, but preliminary indications suggest that the bases established will continue in France and some years ago.

should not forget that online reputation is a consequence de la percepción que los clientes tienen sobre un producto o servicio realizado, thus el único secreto que hay para corregir la imagen en Internet de un restaurante, solamente es mejorar este producto o servicio through the constant search excellence. Nevertheless, we glimpse as necessary correct adjustment of the opinions of customers in restaurants, and hopefully the international standard 2018 is the final.

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