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Why a restaurant needs a blog


It's not a fad. We are moving into a digital age, where ON-line sometimes outweighs the OFF-line. Where much of marketing resources of the restaurants are for various actions related to mobile or Internet. An era where, unlike ago 10 years, the experience that the customer in the restaurant begins long before the onsite visit.

There is no doubt that the Internet, in its broad spectrum, It serves as the "Celestina" to woo your client. A photo on Facebook, a recommendation on TripAdvisor, a video on Instagram ... Everything can be the key point for a new user decides to visit your establishment. Definitely, to experience another and had lived and Internet.

What once you had other, now accounts you

Within the online marketing strategy a restaurant, we find 3 large blocks very simple to understand: There are channels that are yours, channels where others speak for / about you and channels that you pay to be talking about you. Today we will build on one of the points of the first block. What's yours: your social networks, you web, the app in which you reward your most loyal customers, how not, you BLOG.

More of 150.000.000 blogs (and, read well) staying on the Internet today. And you think ... Well, if there are so many What I'll have one of my restaurant? For one simple reason: nobody like you live your experiences!. Nobody has your knowledge. Nobody owns your restaurant, only you. Definitely, nobody is like you.

Then we will give a series of tips for contributions to your readers a reason to wait for the next article with the same enthusiasm you would expect a fan of Game of Thrones the first chapter of the next season.

The benefits of having a blog for a restaurant

Increase web visits: A website with a blog which is updated 1 O 2 times a week is the easiest way to tell Google that are still alive. Rarely you will update the other pages / sections of your website, but a blog could make you climb in the rankings of search engine, as a consequence, more visits to your website (Organic Traffic / SEO positioning)

viral: Thanks to social networks, your items can be viewed by thousands of people (not millions). Many factors come into play, but the leading cause of viral It is to provide a value that no one else can offer your readers And without asking anything in return!

your restaurant, a benchmark in ... : With the knowledge you share on your blog, only you know and you express as no one could, You will rise the name of your restaurant Olympus of the "Bloggers". The recognition by your future customers will be much higher after reading that article, where you explained how to cut tuna or how to serve a table. Now everyone will have one more reason to visit you.

And what I write on the blog?

We entered a very personal level. each brand, restaurant or chef works long hours with their advertising agencies or marketing departments draw a clear communication strategy. There are those who choose humor, other specialization, personally, the stories of everyday life ... As always, usually it works very well a mix of all these fields.

we leave 3 ideas with which, Based on our experience, can get very good results.

  • Recipes

A data: Only the fan-pages specialized in sharing recipes Tasty Y BuzzFeed Food add a whopping 110.221.901 followers Do you understand now why you show any of your knowledge? We do not say you explain your secret blend of spices ... But How about showing the process of preparing a dish of the letter? Sure customers who have already tested be encouraged to cook at home. And do not be afraid ... continue to come to your restaurant to ask, because as you do you, It does not do anyone!

  • Everyday

Most restaurant customers have very limited knowledge of your establishment. arrive, They eat and go. And hopefully repeat. As much, just remembering the name of the waiter who served them last time.

Customers no longer want to go "only" to eat. They want more. They want to know the origin of what you serve. Why your flesh is better than the corner rotisserie. Why did you choose these chairs instead of others ... A lot of information that gives users one, Why do not you different from the rest and you do it? Tell your client you've gone to the market this morning and saw that rape could not resist the temptation to buy and cook for them.

Tell the croquettes for which you have become famous originate from your grandmother, the woman who took care of you in summer while your parents had to work and was the one who taught you the basics of cooking. Y, why not, Tell them also to make that dish of marinated sardines need 1 kilo, but then just choose the 10 best to serve them.

Sometimes, This extra information creates a direct link with your client than anyone or anything else manages to create. It may seem strange at first, but human nature being curious is implied. trust us, It works perfectly.

evidently, there are limits. Both personal and professional. We can not tell all. But surely you know extract the appropriate information for such publications.

  • The experience, first hand

There are many places and platforms where customers of a restaurant express their opinion. But we go one step further. We propose to create a section on your blog where you write lest you, but your client. A place where they can express what they felt when they visit you for the first time. What they ate, I would recommend other customers, the reasons why it would ... provides a short questionnaire the points you would highlight his experience and selects those customers that you consider appropriate to participate in this action.

When your business to involve those who support it, you re-create a special bond that is not easily forgotten.

What if I do not have time? And if not I'm good at writing?

Do not worry. As I have said at the beginning, we are in the Internet age. In the information age.

There are platforms that are responsible for the content of your blog, as Lowpost. A web where they meet over 12.000 editors specialized in creating publications for blogs. The process is very simple: Create your account and within minutes you can start with the request to the community of editors. Through a small brainstorming Fixed the issue on which to write, the message tone, keywords in your industry, etc.

In a few days and after passing an exhaustive quality control and anti-plagiarism will receive a ready to post on your blog and SEO optimized article. The cost of each item depends on the number of words. The website has some packages that will depending on the number of items you need to write monthly and the number of words of the same.

Do not miss more time and get to work with your blog. Stop telling stories just your dishes and do it on your blog.

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Director and CEO of Social Media Faceclub, online marketing agency specializing in management of social networks and Facebook Ads for restaurants. Like it or not, Your customers are talking about you on the Internet Why do not you talk with them?



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