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Why use a food truck to see grow my restaurant


Sponsored-great-GastrouniHoy en día ya no hay feria ni festival gastronómico que se precie en el que no aparezca una Foodtruck. Incluso hemos podido ver recientemente un TV in which several owners and chefs competed performing typical dishes from each region to see how best.

It is Restaurant model, very common in other parts of the world, ha llegado como un competidor o un aliado para el hospitality industry in Spain.

Why attract both the Food Trucks?

basically, because they are fashionable. A trend that, according to experts, It has taken several years to reach Spain, but has millones de seguidores en otros países. The restaurants are located on a site Y, to enjoy their dishes, the consumer has to move. But, en el caso de las Food Trucks es diferente: es el restaurante el que se acerca a los consumidores, as simple as that.

The millenials, eager for new trends and have no problem in accepting bold proposals, han visto en las Food Trucks una forma de comer distinta e innovadora. They can go to their favorite show or concentration and eat well, sentados en mesas y sillas provisionales, on the ground or while walking through the areas designated.

another las ventajas de las Food Trucks para los consumidores es la libertad: the power to choose between dishes, pensados para comer de una forma diferente que les permite huir de los típicos bocadillos que se encuentran en las fiestas del verano. Con una oferta variada y de calidad de Food Trucks, there will be more customers.

Food Trucks as the new expansion strategy

Si ya eres propietario de un restaurante y estás buscando una nueva growth form, the Food Trucks son una buena opción. aquí te dejamos algunas razones para que reflexiones tu decisión:

  • Mean less economic investment

Aunque la legislación española aún tiene que avanzar mucho para que las Food Trucks sean tan interesantes como en Estados Unidos, the truth is that profitability starts from the moment you decide to combine the traditional local with the purchase of a truck to sell food on the street.

The costs of buying the van, with the interior adequate-, obviously, They are lower than the rent, the decoration, machinery or licensing fees of works that would open a new location.

further, siguiendo these tips se le pude sacar más rentabilidad a la Food Truck.

  • Reaches a different audience

The problem of expansion and opening of new stores is that, by displacement problems, most likely it is that, one option is to open another location too close to the previous.

With a Food Truck esta circunstancia está solucionado, because it is a good way to travel throughout the Spanish geography not only selling food that is produced within, if not utilizando la camioneta como un complemento de marketing.

In this way he Restaurant target audience grows significantly.

  • Try new dishes for your letter

Con la apertura de una Food Truck, the brand perception por parte del público cambia: It is understood to be more innovadora y en pleno growing process.

In Asturias you can see an example of this. The brand Creoquette, selling franchises croquettes with different fillings, ha logrado expandirse en pocos meses gracias a su Food Truck que recorre las ferias y fiestas más destacadas de la geografía española, attracting local public who run in different cities. Something as traditional as are the croquettes acquire, in this way, a more innovative dimension.

  • Differentiate yourself from your competition

Las Food Trucks pueden convertirse en un buen método de testeo de los nuevos platos que se van a implantar en un restaurante. That is to say, while for a dish is on the menu, well I think and try, It should be announced in the letter (with what should be reprinting menus). Food trucks and public have another concept: simply, availability can be placed on a chalkboard.

Testing of products is a good way to know if the dishes will go on sale will have the success that is expected of them.

  • Join a growing business

Las Food Trucks in Spain They are having a considerable growth y ya hay webs como Follow the Food Truck O Food Truck Ya que permiten conocer las que se encuentran cerca y alquilarlas. O, as well, pueden ser utilizadas por parte de gerentes de restaurantes para hacer un análisis de la competencia y del público objetivo de cada zona antes de aventurarse a lanzar su comida sobre ruedas para encontrar nuevos mercados.

Las Food Trucks: On the crest of the wave

Either way, What is clear is that food trucks are all the rage right now. They are a trend that restaurants can take advantage to give a boost to your business or reinvent your brand.

It is to provide a traditional business innovation, in this case it gives flexibility and lower costs. Moving to direct search client can become a very profitable action…What do you think of this idea?

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