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Why Google buys Zagat restaurant guide? Analysis and reflections.


Google compra la guia gastronómica Zagat

The news He announced on his blog, Google It has reached an agreement to buy one of the gastronomic guides and most important recommendations of the world, Zagat.

The amount paid has been revealed to us, but it sure will be a few hundred million dollars. Mina y Tim Zagat, its founders, They will be very happy, although reportedly they continue to lead the company.

Charity Zagat

For those who do not know, Zagat began as a restaurant guide paper Year 1979, It is one of the pioneers in this market and acquired a great reputation and reliability in the industry, mainly in the United States. In recent years they have moved their content to Internet and mobile applications.

They have come to have thousands of inspectors spread over 100 adding gastronomic world cities reviews the most important restaurants, although in recent years they have opened their content to users comments. Its rating system is based on points, being 30 the maximum.

But, Why Google buys Zagat?, What improvements Google brings to this purchase?

In my opinion, the reasons that makes this acquisition is five, happened to comment :

1.- Google improves its results on local supply :

With this acquisition Google buys content of thousands of businesses, reviews, reviews, reviews and views on local businesses, mainly restaurants, which are rising searches Google Places Y Google Maps, improving their local search results and giving greater credibility to them.

2.- Socializes Google search results :

Google needs to compete with social REDAS in general and Facebook Y Twitter in particular, socialize their search results. With this purchase get quality content to provide search results based on a criterion of social recommendation and therefore much more reliable. Restaurants not get the recommended Google based on a secret algorithm, I recommend the Internet users and customers of the restaurants with the assessment of their experiences. It can also be perfectly compatible content for your brand new social network, Google+.

3.- Google will improve the presentation of opinions :

Google has a Business valuation system and specifically precarious restaurants, few people actually use, It is quite unknown. Is more than likely that eventually adapt the methodology and experience Zagat, to improve its rating system both web and mobile.

4.- Google improves its competitive position in the sector :

Buying Zagat has not been randomly, some define as “the gastronomic bible”, es un referente mundial en el sector. With this purchase Google happens to be a top contender in the field of online restaurant guides in the world.

5.- Google adds value recommendations and opinions:

Google knows that the present and future is the social recommendations, with such purchases, It puts in value, since it is very unlikely to be the last to perform in the sector.

Zagat is a guide primarily American, Google will look similar content elsewhere, to continue its strategy of providing social value to their local content. In Spain we have some examples of guides online that can be optimal for your strategy…Stay tuned!

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