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You present the new spot of La Mafia sits at the table

"Welcome. Good things happen here ". With this motto heads his new spot The Mafia sits at the table. A meeting place, meeting, Italian-tasting Mediterranean cuisine; a place to live a different experience, definitely.
It is promotional video is already circulating on social media chain restaurants, and shortly, It will also be issued in cinemas and regional television. We present here, DiegoCoquillat.com our newspaper and our social networks.
Under the legend "Welcome. Good things happen here ", the restaurant chain aims pass on to their customers the satisfaction that supposed to welcome him home. “We are happy to welcome in our family friends all customers who they come to see us and enjoy our cuisine”, has explained Alfredo Cortés, Director of Marketing and Communications La Mafia sits at the table.
Speaking to this medium, Cortés has detailed us the purpose of this action by the franchise: “The spot should show everything that happens in one of our local during the week: lunches, families, couples, groups of friends, celebrations, laughter and great atmosphere with the best cuisine”. He added about: “Customers will tell us whether we have achieved”.
La-mafia-se-feel-a-la-mesa-spot-3The Mafia sits at the Mesa expects its friends and customers, followers on social media, convey their opinions and feelings about the spot or their own experiences in chain restaurants across the Network.
Cortés has acknowledged that “synthesize all this in a spot took us a good effort by all customers and we discussed whether we have achieved our goal”.
As has told us the Director of Marketing and Communication Mafia sits at the table, It has not been easy to find the idea that tied together all that the company wanted to communicate to your customers and friends. “It required a lot of work until we could realize the idea what we wanted to convey, as we wanted to do, etc…”, Cortés has clarified.
In this sense, He has continued: “I intend to talk about the Mafia sits at the table, but without doing so directly. Our purpose is that the experiences that can be lived in our house palpase. In the new spot, is the environment, the experiences that happen in our restaurants but our brand is not until the end”.
The new promotional video was shot in one of the restaurants the franchise has in Zaragoza, in Actur. This property was recently renovated with the latest group setting. Precisely, in the spot you can see how are the newest restaurants, bright and with a more informal style. The decoration of the premises of the Mafia you sit at the table is renewed every four or five years.
During the filming of the spot, as explained to us Cortés, They have become working on the project around 30 people, between embodiment, Central staff, actors, figurantes and kitchen. He Zaragoza restaurant, where the video was recorded, It was closed on that day to shoot it all in one 14 hours, a record time.

digital profile franchise restaurants

He The new spot Mafia sits at the table is focused mainly viewed on social networks. The digital profile franchise invites its customers and friends to this new adventure promotional join via Internet.
As he has reminded us Cortés, The Mafia sits at the table is a digital franchise, which has a mobile web (he 78% visits to the same come from mobile devices) and e-learning platform. further, soon it plans to update the app. Last four years, the franchise chain has a digital book reserves.
These are some of the tools that uses the Mafia sits at the table because He has focused communication with your audience to digital since they are well aware that the future lies in that channel. A good example of this commitment is the announcement today can see through social networks.
The franchise, in the words of Cortes to our environment, you want “convey the experiences that live in our restaurants because the food is fantastic, an aspect that has already given us for granted but that makes experiences are differential”.
The customer today and not only want to eat well. A good decoration is essential, He wants to live more, and this spot is focused in that direction.
Then, the present the new announcement of the Mafia sits at the table:

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