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Presidents and restaurants


I have always seemed very curious to see on television or in the press as some presidents of the leading countries in the world make visits to local restaurants as normal to share a dinner or a meal with your wife or your team.

Undoubtedly, the best example of this is the president of USA, Barack Obama, which is often photographed is the typical American hamburger restaurants or grilled meats talking with customers and tasting their dishes.

Without going into political undertones, I think it is a very valuable gesture of support for the powerful American restaurant industry subsequently the media and social networks are responsible for disseminating worldwide.

Not only that, but it is also a very human way to approach people in an enabling environment for it, ceasing to be president to become himself for a few hours, helping and promoting the dissemination of local restaurants.

Many times I miss these gestures in a country like Spain, one of the richest countries in the world gastronomically, we must not forget that the bars and restaurants provide more than one 6% the national GDP and employment are authentic generators.

We are overcoming a tough crisis in the restaurant industry thanks to the efforts, the tenacity and the work of restaurateurs, thousands of small businessmen who daily open restaurant, your bar or cafe in hopes of a better future and that although these gestures, they will not change the situation, If you are an “dose” optimism to increase confidence in the sector and promote consumption by customers at local restaurants.

To end, I share with all my readers this collection of photographs, which cost me very little gathering, the President of the United States in different American restaurants. If you want to know more about the restaurant click on the name.

Sink Restaurant & Bar (Colorado)

President-Obama at Sink-Restaurant-&-Bar-in-Boulder-Colo

Rick’s City Diner (Ohio)

President-Obama at Rick's-City-Diner

Restaurant Nora (Washington)

President-Obama at Restaurant-Nora-Washington

Ray’s Hell Burger (Virginia)

President-Obama at Ray's_Hell_Burger

Franklin Barbecue (Austin)

President-Obama at Franklin-Barbecue

Lechonera El Barrio Restaurant (Orlando)

President-Obama at Lechonera-El-Barrio-restaurant

Il mulino (New York)

President-Obama at Il-mulino-bill-clinton

Great Eastern Restaurant (San Francisco)

President-Obama at Great-Eastern-Restaurant-for-dim-sum-in-San-Francisco's-Chinatow

Good Stuff Eatery (Washington)

President-Obama at Good-Stuff-Eatery,-Washington

Dooky Chase (New Orleans)

President-Obama at Dooky-Chase-neworlean

Ben’s Chili Bowl (Washington)

President-Obama at Ben's-Chili-Bowl-Washington

Sylvia’s Harlem (New York)

President-Obama at Sylvia’s,-Harlem

Kozy Corners Restaurant (Ohio)

Obama in Kozy Corners Restaurant

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