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professionalisation + Technology + Innovation: The formula for feed industry HoReCa


What if I told you that we have the formula to advance the sector (and your hospitality business) to reach? So that's it. We have her: P+T+I = EH (no, It is not El Hormiguero). professionalisation + Technology + Innovation = Success Horeca.

... that simple and complex at the same time. I'll tell you why Professionalization + Technology + innovation give, combined (and always linked) as a result the industry forward towards success and I give reasons why you apply the formula in your business from now.


Training sessions, másteres, specialized events, presentations, keynotes, sessions, roundtables, spaces for debate focused on the Horeca industry ...They are tools in the service of Hospitality, tools they send us the same message: It is time for the professionalization. To train those who are part of the hospitality industry, in every way and at all levels.

Training is a fundamental value that advances the sector because education is key to improving profitability through professionalism in all aspects.

Of the Chamber Kitchen. Del Back office al Front office. It is the professionalization through training that will make us grow as a sector and get where we want. "Training is the most important tool for hospitality business", He said Oscar Carrion in HIP2018. And it can not be more right.

In this time when we talk so much power, form and the value it provides such training empower, and a lot, the sector.

And that is a contribution that we take into account.


To improve management, to adapt new trends, to optimize the business ... but, especially, to improve customer relationships and generate those experiences we know you are looking for. The key is always in listening to customers and innovate from there.

Technology allows us to listen in real time to our customer, know what you want and give it. It allows us to improve management. Scanning technology and make us walk hand client.

The Technology is the great challenge of hospitality in 2018, but it will remain in 2019 because technology is always moving and requires constant adaptation training is also essential for which.

He daily challenge is how to turn data into knowledge and technology is the client speaker that helps us to know what awaits us in real time. It's time to use it.


It is the logical consequence of professionalization and training join with technological advances. Horeca seek that point in reinventing that advances the sector. And that point has a name: Innovation.

The latest trends in kitchen, food and nutrition, technology, business models, in management, training equipment, in recruitment… It helps us to innovate. To walk the sector as a whole and to each particular business.

Today we know more about our industry environment (and surrounding area) never. We must put that information in the service of our business, use it to know where to take our business model, offering our letter, our customer.

There are four global gastrotendencias towards the customer and moving walks innovation, for which there is no turning back: emotional Superfoods, the gastro kits to prepare experiences, veggie burgers and transparency.

Concepts' cool’ to grow organized restoration, management as "must-have", the commitment to sustainability and efficiency of processes and facilities catering business and delivery as the revolution is here to stay are the key trends for the Horeca sector 2018. Marcan innovation. Tenlas into account when applying the formula for success to advance your business and, with the, the sector.

professionalisation + Technology + Innovation

Stay with the formula and start applying it to the media at your fingertips. You'll notice the difference.

On development of the sector, We have a goal: Share knowledge to grow together and generate sustainable and happy business.

About the Author

Trend research, innovation and strategy, consultant and lecturer. Director of Hospitality 4.0 HIP Congress Madrid. Founder and Director of HorecaSpeakers. Professor of Basque Culinary Center, OSTELEA / EAE and other business schools. Handbook author Neo Innkeepers Valientes.


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