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Digital culinary tips and bonuses, alternatives to help restaurants during the crisis of the coronavirus


With closed restaurants, they are forced to seek alternative sources of income not completely close your business. Part of the public understands that this is a particularly sensitive time for small businesses, as well as all local whose business was closely linked to the hospitality and tourism.

The coronavirus has united us more than ever, and the proof is that in the Washington metropolitan area has started to become viral not the famed SARS-2, but the fact Virtual give tips to restaurants.

He was the director of this newspaper, Diego Coquillat, who he coined the term digital beyond the tip for the year 2015, based primarily on the content that a customer of a restaurant can share about their experience, in the form of photography, comment, opinion, or recommendation. Perhaps he never thought that term today would have a literal description to combat this epidemic and help the Coronavirus restaurants through economic tips made through digital channels.

Digital tips are not very differently from traditional. While in restaurants and bars US. THE. it usually has a tip jar that is distributed at the end of each day, now, the need for social distancing, the boat is a spreadsheet Google Spreadsheets.

tens of sheets are intended to major cities of the United States, and each containing the names of thousands of baristas, chefs, waiters and other hospitality staff who have been affected by the crisis of the coronavirus. And in each line, next to the name of the person and in separate cell, the desired form of payment that can be used appears to give a virtual tip.

The measure is a palliative, not a substitute for lost income. In some cases, employees receive only token amounts, so they appreciate the gesture more tips. In other cases, workers manage to accumulate substantial amounts thanks to contributions from family, friends, regular customers and the unknown random shift feels the call of cooperation in these difficult times that we live.

The idea of ​​the thirtyish Ana Owens, which saw gains of his girlfriend, one barista in Washington, began to shrink days before the closing of catering establishments in the state was declared.

The concept soon spread. Austin, Baltimore, Monks, Cabell ... The list of cities that have signed up to digital fashion tips continues to grow as of this writing.

And is that Tips are very important for workers in this sector in the US. THE., because his basic salary often insufficient to live and depend entirely on charitable demonstrated for diners to pay the bills at the end of the month. Thus, the virtual tipping movement that has emerged in the country is crucial to the welfare of these workers.

Nevertheless, outside US borders restaurants operate completely differently. That is why in one of the neighboring nations, Mexico, the alternative to virtual tip is very different.

There they are trying to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus on the Mexican economy by issuing bonds culinary, a sort of gift cards that appeal to the cooperative and prosocial spirit of its citizens.

A) Yes, those interested in helping restaurants nationwide can purchase bonds worth culinary 500 O 1000 Mexican pesos.

The idea is a Portal gastronomic proposal Culinaria Mexicana what, from his Twitter account, kept informed professionals local restaurants. The concept is all the rage and profile makers are forced to regularly update the list of local participating in the project because of the constant influx of new stakeholders.

Such is the interest generated, the website Culinaria Mexico is suffering because of the number of requests for access, and as if it were an improvised DDoS attack, the hundreds or thousands of Internet users who want to see if your favorite restaurant has issued bonds bronzed culinary portal, making it necessary to consult previous listings, which include renowned Mexican business Achiote, grandmother, Belfiore, Belforno, House Melones, El Andariego, The Chaparrillo Mexican Sweets, pomp, Fonda El Albur, Gluttiere, Go Fox Theme Restaurant, garden Nebula, Melting Pot, Philly’s, Poki Ramen House, Rincón Barrilaco, Rustic Kitchen or Tacos La Cecinería.

The culinary bonus Culinaria Mexicana It is an act of good faith, Y It is a decision of each business how they reward the exchange of the same, although strongly recommended exchanged for a meal of similar value.

The idea of ​​culinary bonds has been successful in the business network in Mexico and have therefore appeared similes. One of them are the culinary bonds managed by the National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry and Seasoned Foods, which differ from the others in the restaurants associated with CANIRAC undertake to provide food wholesale value of the bond purchased by the future diner.

This has sparked some controversy and controversy since the original idea of ​​the bonds was that citizens concerned about the closure of small restaurants had a clear means by which to support selflessly, as if it were a donation, to prevent the closure of premises that populate its cities.

A) Yes, bonds CANIRAC project a more commercial sense as are issued in three formats 200, 500 Y 1000 Mexican pesos that can be redeemed at the end of the quarantine meals valued at 260, 650 Y 1650 Mexican pesos respectively. According to Mexico this Culinaria Restaurant deposited additional stress as Pompous Birrieras, the Hummingbird Café, Leños or establishments Pizza Corner Group, some of the businesses participating in the culinary bonuses Chamber of Commerce.

It may be for this reason that the hashtags #SalvemosRestaurantes and #BonosCulinarios are being deeply energized by Culinaria Mexico. Unlike the initiative CANIRAC, these movements have tremendous support from the business of the country, It is more than 200 Local those involved and thousands of tweets those who support campaigns.

And while in America there are shocks to decide what means are the most appropriate, it seems that in Spain there is a clear lack of options for professionals in restaurants most affected. It will have to wait to see if any arises. ¡We will be watching!

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