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Next event in Madrid: “How to manage a viable restaurant”


Finally, the blog Mount a Bar and Survive comes to life in a meeting with restaurant business owners, donde van a compartir toda su experiencia. It will be a real inflection point for all attendees, where they show very different and closely how to manage a catering business with VICOCO methodology (viable, consistent and competitive) It is indifferent at what stage the business or project is found. Teach the keys to real and sincere

Why you can not miss this meeting?

  1. We will share our real business experience and restoration projects. You will be able to ask whatever you want about your business and we will answer live.
  2. You will be surrounded by people with the same concerns and doubts
  3. We will show unique working methodology in Spain where we seek to optimize the resources of any entrepreneur XXI century (emotional, time and money) with the aim of achieving viable businesses, consistent and competitive (PROJECTS VICOCO)

Our commitment is to bring business consulting services to everyone why you have a 60% off all registrations before 7 of June! and we include with the entry a business consulting FREE! valued at 120 €.

Who is it for?

Entrepreneur Event, professionals, consultants, entrepreneurs, journalists, communicators… generally anyone with an open mind and who identify with the new company S.XXI: honesty, transparency, collaboration, synergies , emotional management… and who want to learn hand how a professional restoration company is managed viably.PORTADA_21JUNIO


How to manage a viable restaurant 90′

Presentation and introduction to the Restoration of S.XXI 15 '

1.- About us? What is happening with the catering business?
We will value you meet us in person, we'll introduce to contextualize go where catering business and is happening, We share our data

2.- The keys to managing a business 15'

We see the keys to start a business in Spain viably, consistent and competitive, We try to be as clear as possible and put examples.

3.- The roadmap to manage a business VICOCO 15'

We will share with you the steps to take through a very simple and accessible for everyone INFOGRAPHY.

  1. Question from the audience and if not share, of between 7.000 consultations, several of the most frequently asked questions 25'.
  2. At the end we will explain how to access a personalized consulting with us which is included in the entrance and is valued at 120 € 5'-
  3. Googbye and closing.


  • First name: How to manage a restaurant viably
  • Date: 21 of June 2017
  • Schedule: 12 a 13:30 (We open the doors 11:45 h and we will be very specific)
  • Plazas: Limited capacity 30 pax
  • Place: MEEU station Chamartín, S/N Cota 13, local 6 28036 Madrid, Spain (Metro and suburban Chamartin) Web page www.meeu.es

Price: 12€ price per person until 7 of June, then the overall rate will be 30 euros. Price as comprobareis is symbolic and what we are trying is that people really are interested come since the previous event was free it failed 50% from the people.

Price includes: Assistance + Presentation + one free consulting valued € 120


organizes: MontarunNegocio.es

Contact: Carolina Cegarra Beltrí Y Roberto Ruiz Rúa


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