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Local advertising for restaurants with Facebook Ads


Como says Kristin EDELHAUSER "The future is online advertising and local" and Kristin Edelhauser "The local is the Holy Grail of Internet".

And how right they have ... you're a big brand or a small tavern, your loyal customer is one who, for any reason be, I visit once, but we must take them into account, Clear. The ideal customer is one who repeats over and over again, thus becoming an ambassador for your establishment. Think that when dining out, thinking of you. Those who when asked ¿Oye, You know a good restaurant to go with my partner? tells your name before anyone else ... And it is very likely that customer perfect live near your restaurant.

Knowing this information Does it make sense to promote 150.000 people in a big city? I do not rule out that such a broad audience your potential customers are; it's more, If you know segmenting well your campaigns, surely all they are part of the target audience. But we have a limited Do you have the sufficient budget to reach all?

Thanks to Facebook Ads we can take Local actions to reach the public really is destined to become our "Brand ambassador".

Keys to creating a local campaign in Facebook Ads in your restaurant

Then share points to consider before creating a local campaign:

  • A study by Google, “…four out of five consumers prefer ads that are personalized with your city, your zip code and other local information”. Do not forget to customize the message with these data and some more creative as reference landmarks near your property, own dialect words in your city, local special dates, etc.
  • Geographical segmentation: It is essential for the proper functioning of the campaign. So choose correct the public that going to go will be the key between a successful campaign or a complete failure. Always think of the closeness: segment by zip codes is a good choice if you live in large cities.
  • Another element that you can use, depending on the type of advertising you choose target, is the option places: you can show the campaign all people living in Segovia, to which they have recently been or who travel to this city. Default, Facebook shows it all but you can choose one of the options if you prefer.
  • Interest targeting: If your restaurant serves pizza, it is clear that the interests of your target audience to be associated with this product: Italian food, pizza, pizzeria, pasta, Domino´s pizza (We use competition), etc. But do not forget also more generally as fine dining, dining out or go eat. So we cut the ratio range, making sure you see advertising only those people who really like what we do.

Types campaign to promote your restaurant locally

When we sat down to draw the digital marketing strategy with our new customers, we strongly emphasize this type of campaign. We think they should be regularly active, as It is the most effective and economical way to be present continuously in the thought of your target audience. Here we explain the most used:

  • Local broadcast campaign

We can assimilate a "mailshot" but with the advantage of being online, economic and focused on a particular sector, as its purpose is to show your ads to people who are close to your accommodation. Within your advertising budget, You should allocate a fixed starting a campaign for local broadcast.

Here you can show where you are, what kind of food you serve or promote your home service, only in areas where lend this service, thanks to You control where your ads are visible. To start creating the campaign you can determine the radius in kilometers where you want your ad to show.

As for the ad format, do you have 4 to choose: Single image ad, with which you can create 6 different ads at no extra cost. Ad sequence, scrollable showing different images on the same ad, can let your imagination to get pieces visually very attractive for the user. Ad with video and display ad, which it is a video created with your images, with a maximum of 10.

The best comes in “Call to action” O buttons call to action that can include ads: Do you have 6 to choose, but the most interesting are the directions button, that when pressed shows a map with your location, call to that when pressed opens in the user terminal phone number you have registered with your fanpage Make sure you have it updated!, and send message, which it is tremendously effective if, for example, you promote a special menu you have to request information.

The local broadcast is highly optimized for mobile, thus taking advantage of the immediacy of results by call to action chosen one.

  • Outreach campaign

A relatively new format, but no less effective. Their goal is clear: many users get to see your campaign. The main difference is that the local broadcast of "scope" aims to achieve your ads are seen by as many people as possible. Local dissemination measures its effectiveness impressions, the number of times your ad is displayed, but also it has a great impact in terms of number of people.

We can also choose to display ads to reach people close to the location listed on our Facebook page or to specific locations such as cities, provinces, postcodes, etc.

Another advantage of this advertising goal is that we can manually change the number of days that must pass for a same person again see your ad. A) Yes We control the frequency with which the user can see them. Should not abuse, because we could wear him. Likewise, We can also determine which hours of the day will be active our ad.

This is ideal for restaurants, as we can show concrete results opening hours or schedules customer decision (before lunch / dinner). If we know our client well, This feature could be very helpful. Regarding ad formats, We will not expand much explaining to the options, but we can come on who has more creative formats and features local broadcast ads.

  • Visits in the business

This ad format is still in testing phase and some of its functions are not available for all advertisers. It is exclusively for Facebook pages with more than 1 Location, for example, franchises, and the goal is promote your franchise restaurants people who at the moment are close of them and get them to visit. It seems a panacea for advertising ... but we trust that if it has already launched, It is because it works.

Currently, at least in the accounts our agency manages, This type of campaign is automatically optimized for a single daily range, since optimization achieve physical visits to your establishment and reports are only available for a certain number of advertisers including, Unfortunately, we are not.

We do not have full information on these campaigns, but we can tell you that You can select your business locations individually, This is ideal if one of the establishments of your brand should not participate in a particular campaign, and also it lets you select the radius of action by distance or optimize it dynamically according to the number of people who are near locations at the time of display advertising.

And you, What actions you implement local advertising in your restaurant?, Have you worked better online or offline?, Do you dare to try Facebook Ads?

By the way, If you want to know in detail how to perform social media campaigns for restaurants, Go to ClubDiegoCoquillat and access courses videos you have available to partners.

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Director and CEO of Social Media Faceclub, online marketing agency specializing in management of social networks and Facebook Ads for restaurants. Like it or not, Your customers are talking about you on the Internet Why do not you talk with them?



  1. Hello, Very interesting article.. You who manejais many restaurants in the local advertising. What price sale average CPM? Thank you very much!!!

    • Hi Yuri, It depends on many factors, type of target, competition, geolocaización, etc., We can not take a CPC or CPM without knowing much more data, I insist that depends on many factors.

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