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PuduBot, a robot that replaces some features of the waiters and has achieved funding 7 millions of dollars


Robotics kitchen and camaraderie is one of the last frontiers in digital transformation restaurants. Although completely without the human element in the restaurant space is considered impractical, the struggle for automate the maximum number of tasks involved in the processes that occur in business goes on.

One of the tasks likely to become automatons are developed by waiter services. From small autonomous carts carrying food to androids on wheels that distribute food trays, We have seen many robots camaraderie They are operating reliably and autonomy.

The latest in the field of robotics in the restaurant is a new model for just this purpose, designed by the Chinese company based in Shenzhen, PuduTech. With only three years of history, the company founded by Zhang Tao just to echo in all newspapers and magazines investment in the world to have received a initial round of funding worth 7.8 millions of dollars.

The main product of PuduTech at this time is a slow transit waiter robot that has the shape of a shelf with wheels.

The system has a low base, below which are integrated motors for the wheels, wheels and relevant electronic circuitry. This same base and serves to bring food, but besides this surface, the robot camaraderie Pudubot has two other trays placed diagonally above and supported by an arc which rises from the base.

This arc serves as protection against collisions in case there is a failure in detecting objects in the path PLC, but also it serves to place in an elevated position sensors that allow you to think for stays serving without any intervention from the restaurant staff.

PuduTech, in its short history, It has contributed enormously to the industry with production specialized robots in the most varied tasks, from medical purposes such as surgery to educational uses. But he had not reached the general public until recently. In 2017 the PuduBot managed to rise victorious in the design competition clamored Red Dot, where he won the title of best design among all categories.

After this success, and having received such amount of money as OC Capital investment, It is not surprising that the PuduBot is el single module PuduTech the company can mass-produce. Orders by the PLC reached the 1000 mid units last year, and since then they have done nothing but go up.

This is the safest bet PuduTech to enter the robotics industry hard, a sector that moves 100 000 million only in respect of transport robots (among which include those of camaraderie and food delivery).

We will undoubtedly hear more about this company in the future.

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