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What do you need to know to manage a restaurant?


Mexican gastronomy is part of the tradition and culture of that country. So much so that the variety of dishes and typical ingredients used in their recipes have achieved Unesco recognition as Intangible Heritage of Humanity. That same variety leads to more and more entrepreneurs wanting to be part of the gastronomic business. Nevertheless, it is necessary to be familiar with some terms that will help to successfully manage a restaurant. He concept of MOQ and other notions typical of the administration of any business must be put into practice, if you want to be part of the Mexican gastronomy. What do you need to know to manage a restaurant?

What is gastronomic marketing?

Gastronomic marketing It is a set of strategies and skills put into practice to attract and keep customers in the field of gastronomy. As usual, in the culinary world it remains in the background since the creation and offer of dishes are the main protagonists. Nevertheless, to have a successful restaurant you need to plan a marketing strategy that allows you to publicize your business and bring it closer to new diners.

Just like in any other area, Developing an action plan requires knowing the current business situation, set your goals and devise the most appropriate strategy to advertise our restaurant, without losing sight of who our target audience is. In the gastronomic sector it is particularly difficult to promote dishes, but the essential thing is to awaken a desire in whoever is on the other side. Social networks and blogs, especially videoblogs, they will be invaluable allies to achieve it.

Restaurant management

As it is an industry dedicated to services, the customer satisfaction It is essential. For this reason, in addition to preparing delicious dishes, the staff must be geared to please diners. Thus, cordiality and good interpersonal communication are the main qualities of those who deal with our clients.

On the other hand, the operation must be organized for our restaurant to work perfectly. Standardized tasks and compliance with them at a certain frequency are the key to managing the business. Each employee must know their functions and the importance of the role they play within the organization.. In this sense, not performing the corresponding tasks can be detrimental to the entire operation of the restaurant.

Regarding suppliers and the purchase of products to supply our business, it is essential to consider the relationship between price and quality before deciding on one or the other. In the same way, a supplier must be chosen that respects the agreed delivery times and has flexibility in payments. Regarding delivery times and product quality, an oversight of the supplier could have serious consequences in our restaurant. For this reason, no money should be spared and the choice of supplier should be conceived as an investment in our own business.

How is the inventory done?

The first point to consider when starting an inventory is to determine what ingredients you will need to prepare the dishes of your restaurant. A scandal token, that is to say, a form that determines the costs of the raw material used, it is the first step to manage your business properly. This worksheet, Besides, It will help you determine the price of your dishes so that you can establish your profit margin. Likewise, When determining the used quantity of each ingredient you will be able to decide how much you will buy of each one.

To prepare the inventory, our supplier's order forms are essential. This is because everything we need for our business will be provided by our supplier.. Thus, Using the first order placed, you can prepare your inventory to maintain a true control of your products.. As usual, the inventory is made weekly or monthly and you can take advantage of the different programs specifically designed for this purpose. The inventory allows us to have a quick visualization of the stocks of the ingredients that we need in order to make orders that fit our needs..

Managing a business requires knowing certain general and other aspects of the chosen industry. The gastronomic industry offers endless possibilities, especially in Mexico, where the variety of dishes or dishes and ingredients contribute to give added value to any culinary endeavor. Nevertheless, Managing a restaurant requires knowing certain concepts that help maintain a successful operation.. Gastronomic marketing, human resources and general management of the restaurant, along with good organization, contribute to the success of our venture. By last, inventory preparation allows us to maintain control and determine our profit margin. These concepts, definitely, allow us to successfully manage a restaurant.

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