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What is Google My Business and how to help digitize a restaurant


It is important to offer users and potential customers the necessary information and simple ways of communicating with the restaurant. To do this, you have to optimize and make the most of the options it offers you Google My Business, undoubtedly the most important local digital positioning application to which restaurants have access.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free and quite intuitive tool from Google, created to help position local businesses in online environments, including those in the hospitality sector. With her the appearance and visibility of the restaurant can be managed, both in the search engine and in Google Maps.

Correctly complete the information regarding the restaurant, adding menu, Photographs, answering the opinions positive and negative, and sharing posts, will allow to obtain a result similar to the one of the following image with the red border.

As you can see in the previous example, the information displayed draws the user's attention and at the same time provides them with a large volume of data about the restaurant.

GMB (Google My Business) as well increases the possibility of appearing in a selection of local restaurants before the places that are better positioned on the Google engine pages. For example, this would happen if you search for restaurants in Madrid.

5 keys to better understand the importance of using Google My Business correctly:

  1. There's a 300% of local searches more than in social networks.
  2. He 46% of searches are for local businesses.
  3. Currently Google is the most used search engine in the world, with a 90% users.
  4. He 86% of customers search for businesses on Google Maps.
  5. He 56% of users are guided by the opinions to choose the restaurant to visit.

Google My Business allows you to display the following business information:

  • Publications
  • Services: home, take away
  • Information about Covid-19
  • Menu
  • products
  • Schedule
  • Statistics
  • reviews
  • Links to the web, social networks and reservations.
  • Ratings on delivery platforms

The more complete the file is offering information to clients, Google will better position the business.

The 6 main benefits of Google My Business

This leads to the question whether GMB is really a powerful solution., and the truth is that, it is a very good way to manage the reputation and control the online image of your restaurant. The main benefits for your business are these:

1) Control the image of your restaurant

The GMB file allows you to centralize different sources of opinions, in this way the information becomes more truthful than if individual opinions were uploaded on their own website, since all the information can be compared with the rest of the reservation platforms and opinions.

2) Improve local SEO and gain visibility

If the file is completed correctly, is constantly updated, and interacts with customers, increases the possibility of appearing in the first positions of local searches and improves indexing.

3) Stand out from the competition

There are several factors why a diner is interested in one restaurant or another. There is the quality of the food, the environment, he sistema de delivery, the number of positive and negative opinions, prices, etc. All this can influence a diner to choose one establishment or another. GMB allows all these factors to stand out from your competition.

4) Create a community and manage customer reviews

Customers should be encouraged to leave a review of the restaurant experience. You also have to answer all the opinions, be positive, neutral or negative. Google takes customer interaction into account. Restaurants that respond to more than one 32% of opinions see their conversion rate increase by more than one 80%. You always have to try to answer the opinions in the most personalized and politely possible way., even if the opinion is negative.

5) Share the restaurant menu

This option allows restaurants to add their menu to the Google My Business profile, with a title, description, photo and price of each product. In this way the visits will also be reflected in the statistics and you can draw conclusions depending on the data.

6) Promote news and offers in publications

Add your special menu, create a personalized publication to make the discounts and news your business offers accessible to all your potential customers.

The publications in Google My Business are as important as the other aspects mentioned above. They are publications that have a duration of seven days and where you can create offers, important news and events. Each publication can be linked to your booking engine, website or even you they can call your business directly to make a reservation.

The dissemination of this type of actions is very valuable for the client, it is essential that the file is constantly dynamized and cared for in detail, is key to the success of the online business on Google.

Start managing your Google My Business listing now

Do not have any doubt that it is a very valuable tool to know what your customers think and what they value about your business. Take advantage of the opportunities that Google My Business offers you, obtain very valuable statistics that can help you in the management of your restaurant.

This is just the beginning, We will develop in future articles the different options and advantages of GMB for a better use of the tool. We encourage you to start reviewing your business on Google My Business and develop a powerful online strategy.

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