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What is Instagram Reels and how to use it in a restaurant?


Mark Zuckemberg he is not a person who is easily defeated, it is well known that when a Facebook an interesting competitor comes up, or try to copy its characteristics, or try to acquire them. This has happened with several companies in the sector, we will all remember some of the last cases, as the failed purchase of Snapchat by 3.000 millions of dollars; later "copied" some of its functions. Or shopping in the 2012 from Whatsapp, Jio Platfroms and de Instagram.

In the summer of 2016 Zuckemberg attempted to acquire musical.ly - which already had 700M users in China-, the talks did not bear fruit and it was the Chinese giant Beijing Bytedance Technology Co who bought it in November 2017 for more than 800 millions of dollars. How did Facebook responded? In 2018 launched Lasso, an app that made it possible to create short videos with the intention of attracting younger users. Facebook Lasso allowed to record and share videos of up to 15 seconds ¿The results are familiar?, they said about her: "It's basically TikTok / Musically", "It's full screen, made for teens, fun and focused on creation. " TechCrunch.

This failure did not stop Facebook but, watching the growth of Tik Tok, He kept working until he released the past 5 August your own Tik Tok: Reels. They themselves defined it as "a new way to create and discover short and funny videos on Instagram."

Which it was the Instagram numbers?

  • Total number of monthly active Instagram users: 1 trillion + ( source )
  • Total number of daily active Instagram users: 500 millions + ( source )
  • Instagram Stories Daily Active Users: 500 millions + ( source )
  • Number of photos shared to date: 50 billion
  • Number of companies on Instagram 25 millions + ( source )
  • The number of likes on Instagram per day: 4.2 billion

The number of photos and videos uploaded per day: 100 millions +

This is how the social media data would be in Spain, according to a recently published study that Praise e IAB Spain: Facebook continues to be the most spontaneously known social network among the Spanish Internet users (94%), followed by Instagram (76%) y Twitter (70%). Completing the top 5 of social networks most remembered spontaneously are WhatsApp (36%), YouTube (21%) and LinkedIn (20%). Although it is true that TikTok is the one that has risen the most in notoriety, it has gone from a 14% in 2019 yet 53% in 2020. According to Belén Acebes from IAB Spain, it is a growth "never seen in previous editions of the study".

But how does reels work?

Reels are easy to use:
  • Open your Instagram and go to your camera.
  • You will see below the fire button the reels option.
  • Once you select this option, the menu on your left changes, popping up new options: audio, timer, AR effects, alignment and speed.

Audio: depending on the type of account, it will allow you to select a music song from Instagram or the original audio itself.

AR effects: you have several effects to choose and apply to the video.

Timer and countdown: If you are going to use the hands-free, this option will be good for you, that allows up 10 seconds, after changes made in September.

Alignment: Reels allow you to join several different videos and align the objects between videos so that the result is of higher quality.

Speed: Speed ​​up or slow down the video to your liking.

How do you create a Reel?

For Snapchat or Tik Tok users it will be very easy. It is one more function of the camera so it is very easy: you record a video (following the steps described above), or you select one that you have on your smartphone, you share it with your followers or make it known to other communities using the "explore" function.

What does it allow you to do that you can't with Stories?

  • Record multiple takes and join them
  • Delete the last one and repeat it
  • Cut the duration of the clips
  • Invent a fund
  • Use videos you have on your phone
  • IInclude music, which will apply to the entire clip

Some examples of restaurants that have started using Reels.

the top, Rocambolesc and Jaime Oliver.

Instagram is going to fight hard for the niche where Tik Tok stands out, Instagram today has its most and best developed advertising platform, what is an advantage for brands, despite the launch of Tik Tok for Business.
Although it is the developers who are going to make the App survive or not. Tik Tok's program to promote creative content is very powerful and optimistic. It started with 60 million euros of funds available to thousands of creators across Europe, and expects to reach a total of 225 million euros in the next three years. What gives you a certain advantage.

Another advantage is its good positioning among the younger public., Depending on the target audience of each business, it will choose one network or another.

It is true that many restaurants already have an Instagram profile (those who don't, they should already open one and work on it) and they have done a good job of communication and positioning. For this it's a natural step to test Reels, just like they did with Instagram TV back in the day, and try to publicize your restaurant using this new feature.

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