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What is a Foodie and why I want to win him as a client


In recent times there have been around gastronomy hundreds of terms to identify products, services, new… Some have replaced other Spanish words in English, more "trendy" (molonas, trend) who come to mean the same. But sometimes appear define new terms that if something innovative or combine, They understand and amalgamate several concepts that together transform their meaning and for which there is no term in Spanish. This is the case of the word FOODIE, but… What is a Foodie?

The Foodies form a group passionate search for authentic experiences, related to good food, good drink and / or indigenous and unique culture. This search is not necessarily given in the most luxurious places known or, but enjoy the originality and authenticity, whatever the character of the place (urban, natural, rural, etc.) and at any time of the year.

Definitely a glutton, gastronomical explorer, adventurer cocinillas, culinary experimenter, sybaritic foot, taster of the original in a garden or in a local fashion of the city, amateur gourmet, Globetrotters voracious palate, wine test, generous glutton willing to share their own plate or their experiences and findings.

A sort of Indiana Jones of gastronomy, whose mission is to find authentic dining experiences, discover ancient, new or hidden culinary treasures; whose value can not be measured by anything but unrepeatable experiences, you can share through a social network.

Undoubtedly the foodie considers gastronomy something beyond entertainment or art ... for this market segment, it is a way of understanding the world. Its main ingredients are experimenting and reinventing. One of his greatest amusement is to find new places to enjoy their passions. For example, this traditional pastry in Madrid in the Sol, that since 1830 It makes the best traditional sweets Villa. A place that breathes the essence of yesteryear and where it works even with the care of before (former pastry del Pozo).

Foodies: raising gastronomy to an art

Become an expert in authentic Valencian paella, It may be the dream of any cocinillas. But foodie needs more "profound". For example, learn how to make paella in the middle of the fen, near the Albufera. In a Valencian authentic house, surrounded by rice fields. Right there begins a journey of discovery through a workshop, whose only fuel wood orange. It's not just learning to cook ... foodie looking exactly this: interpret the environment thanks to the product and gastronomic tradition.

And that's something that Rafael Galvez restaurant the Matandeta ago as a real expert local knowledge transmitter. As if it were a minstrel, through anecdotes and stories of terreta (Valencia and around), Rafa gives his lectures, pours technical and emotional knowledge of paella, while values ​​the need for quality products, what and how to treat with care, for moving their paellas the original flavor of the earth. The experience culminates in eating what you have created ... to implement the new knowledge in the original environment.

This passion for gastronomy conceived from a holistic point of view, integrating their perception all actors involved in a gastronomic and oenological product: the history, culture and traditions, the weather, land and culture, the transformation of the products, recipes and cooking techniques, literature and art, etc.

The foodie praises traditional and innovative at the same level and has, as a good taster, need to share your plate, but now with more extensive means: social networks. It is the best promoter and disseminator of a restaurant, came, route, bakery or hotel, it has the urge to share, as openly as possible, your knowledge, finding or predilection.

But, How can my business take advantage of this segment, target customer, tribe, generation, or whatever we define, called Foodie? This is something I try to convey articles in the next issue foodie. The saga begins ... follow us?

About the Author

Laura Laiz is an expert in Innovation, HR and Tourism. University professor and consultant in Florida, performs academic coordination of various masters and postgraduate training.



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