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What photographs should use the restaurants in social networks?


Social networks have become the perfect showcase for any restaurant, but in many cases, it is possible that the customer response has not been as expected. Much effort for so little benefit. Does this sound? A key marketing restaurants, to get more and better our potential visitors, goes through photographs illustrate everything we have to offer.

There is a very famous saying which reads as follows: A picture is worth a thousand words. And it's true! Obviously, as well we provide quality content throught social media (RRSS).

But it is no less true that the pictures pose a major push to attract attention, and that through them we show our kindness: dishes, the restaurant, the kitchen, our team. ¿Facebook, Twitter, Instagram o Pinterest? The possibilities to attract customers are virtually endless, only require a little time and experience. With this article certainly you learn keys to reach more customers. There are some.

Beware aesthetics

Airbnb offers some guidelines to improve. It is better to put a few photos that do not load any, care for the quality of images with appropriate resolution, have clean our establishment, try taking pictures always day and always look at the most beautiful corners of our business.

Among the photographs we should choose, highlights our food, Hospitality course, show our dishes is a claim most interesting. yes, not just any image, It must be maintained to the maximum. Food should be in bright modern dish with natural light.

The first thing customers think is clean. Let's begin to show how curious that is clean and our local in social networks! The same is true with drinks; you can use a set of beautiful glasses, looking for an interesting angle to capture the attention of diners and success is guaranteed.

further, we have to show inside the restaurant. We can teach the bar and dining room, but it is also a good idea to show our cuisine at its best. Remember to follow the aesthetic rule par excellence: cleaning! Equally, Our staff is a very important part, if not the most, our restaurant. Why not put them together and make some pictures?

Blixt indicates some guidelines when photographing professional. Smile (without excess), choose a locker in conditions (we insist: cleansed!) and care for the look are some of the keys to success.

Away from artificial appearances they do not represent us, although we think they can run, It's a very common mistake, care nonverbal communication, trying to show that we are very sure of ourselves, relax, try not to be tense when we make photos and know our weaknesses when put in front of a camera (something that can you tell us a professional photographer and experienced) are just a few other secrets very easy to assimilate.

Our suppliers are also important

Our customers want the best, so we give. Because, not a bad idea to show our goods and have some other product history we acquire and companies that provide us. When capture in a photograph our food and although it is quite evident, We try to question the freshest. yes, poor lighting, a dirty kitchen or an old dish can give a picture we do not want, Remember to look after the presentation. Even a greasy pizza win a fresh hake on a dirty plate.

Equally, a photograph of our chef would not be a bad idea. Especially if we consider that it is he and he alone who will deal with that good. If you choose this photograph, note your wardrobe, tries that this is not too gimmicky, It should resemble as much as possible when you use in your daily life.

Remember that our presence in social networks only be effective if we add value. Users of social networks are running scared of traditional advertising. Keep that in mind not to fail.

Another way of customer loyalty goes through them pictures while we visit. Obviously, with your permission and explaining where they will be visible. This will attract more visitors to our social networks and why not?- more visits to our restaurant. Imagine you decide to throw a party in your restaurant. Take a few pictures of customers great passing it represents the best of claims.

further, we can also encouraging them to be photographed our dishes to share them in their own profiles on social networks or specialized pages. In the last times, websites that recommend restaurants (and all kinds of services, by the way) They are a great attraction for people. Taking care of our presence in these spaces can make us win many customers. For real!

About the Author

Article by the editorial team of DiegoCoquillat.com. It has professionals both in the field of hospitality, gastronomy and tourism, and new technologies and innovation.



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  3. Agapito Barroso on

    Of course the photos are important, but not all photos are valid for all, as already it mentioned in this article.

    Presenting a dish, a group photo, one from room, etc. part of the “decor” a written, but if we talk about the kitchen, we must be very careful, because there prohibited grounds that may not appear:
    A tiled floor, a continuous roof, gashes or wooden boards, etc.

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