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Trujillo exministra the LIA Twitter Font Vella water of Foster's Hollywood


Former Minister of Housing during the government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, Mary A. Trujillo, Doctor of Law and Constitutional Law Professor has put his foot in a puddle wanting polemics on his Twitter.

It all started last Sunday when climbing a tweet in which he complained of a restaurant chain Foster Hollywood in Madrid that had served him water brand Font Vella. From your account claimed that he would never go to a restaurant in this chain, due to tensions experienced in recent days in the country with the conflict of Catalonia.

Nevertheless, Twitter users began to remind you that the brand, although its original source is Sant Hilari Sacalm, in Girona, since 1994 It has been marketed since spring alcarreño Guadalajara. Furthermore now part of Danone Group, of Valencia origin and is bottled in Extremadura.

Statements outside Pot, on a hot topic, with a major restaurant chain by the defending users.

We leave the interesting and viral Twitter thread that has been created around this fact:

A different replies from anonymous users soon join those of other known personalities of the national information landscape.

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