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“We want to offer integrated services to facilitate the day to day Restorer” Louis Vallbona VP of Business Development Tiller


Tiller It is a software and technology company that provides a solution point of sale for restaurants. Is about a touch screen POS system that charges, manages and analyzes hospitality businesses to take them to the next level.

– For those who do not know Tiller, Tell us the keys to one of Europe's leading TPV.

Our system is based on three main axes. First we have the point of sale with the basic functions of a cash register: accepting orders, submit, print and collect in a fast way, Easy and intuitive. Then we have the analysis and management of: make use of all the metrics collected this box to improve decision-making and increase sales. Finally there is the axis of personalization, it has to do with creating a system tailored to you and your business through additional modules and digital integrations. We like to sum it up as "the cash register, reinvented ".

– If we were to say what Tiller functionality that differentiate it from other POS market are, what would and what would be most valued by your customers.

Undoubtedly, one of the things that our customers value most is the ability to analyze business performance remotely anytime from your mobile or computer. Tiller has a back office that allows you to control all metrics at a glance: monitor sales, compare different periods, identify best and worst products, reviewing accounting reports and manage the stock in real time. Most importantly, the back office is a webpage, so you do not have to be in the restaurant to know what's going on.

Another thing that differentiates us is our reactivity. We have a team of developers constantly working on updates to enhance the system. This means that any errors can be easily corrected and customer feedback results in improvements to the application.

– In the era of application integration, where the hotelier looking for simple systems , global useful and how Tiller faces this challenge?

The issue of integration has always been one of our main concerns. The arrival of the digitization It has resulted in businesses depend increasingly more services and it is not uncommon to find a variety of displays at the counter of any restaurant. Since Tiller we know that it is not possible to do everything, so we work with a number of partners and solutions that allow us to keep up with the industry and offer the best to our customers.

This is where comes into our game AppMarket, own digital market that includes all the integrations we are proud to offer. From loyalty tools, to management employees or payment solutions, our AppMarket allows you to view all available integrations and activate with a single click. This means you can increase efficiency right where you need it, continue working with the services they already use and save time and money.

– We can see that you are being very active in generating content with blog, RRSS y webinars. What role Tiller wants to occupy in forming the hotelier?

As a company our mission is to build an ecosystem designed for entrepreneurs to focus on what really matters, succeed, and generating content is one of the parts of this mission. Our work does not end once the system is acquired. And we have a team Customer service accompanying our users 7 weekdays, We also like to produce content that help drive their business.

– Big Data is becoming increasingly important in business hospitality. The large companies handle millions of data. our director, Diego Coquillat, He says that great leaders in the sector will not be catering companies , but technology companies selling hospitality. You who reclutáis million data, How do you think it will impact this new "oil" in the future of the sector?

The future is in the use will be given to data, definitely. It is the basis for all decision-making, and in the hospitality sector should not be less. It is key not only collect data in an organized manner, but the knowledge to treat them to provide relevant information, both the sector as a whole and to each individually hotelier, and that useful data may differ from one to another.

And here is the key, so far the data for statistical purposes for the sector generally contemplated, but the future is to disaggregate this data and provide each hotelier who benefit their particular making decisions; to provide the what, when, how much, where and at what price.

In a second step it is to use that data to make predictions sales tighter so we can manage the provision of stock and personnel as efficiently as possible, thus improving costs and increasing margins, already tight in the sector.

– In our newspaper we published articles constantly evolving robots, artificial intelligence, automatic learning, the blockchain, and big data. Referring to these technologies, How it will develop over the next Tiller 5 years?

This question comes in handy, for a couple of months ago we acquired Beesniss, a Spanish startup artificial intelligence for restaurants. Beesniss part of our AppMarket since early 2018 and purchasing seek to consolidate the relationship. The startup specializes in intelligent management of orders to suppliers, with an offer that complements our portfolio of features such as stock control, Scanning invoices and personnel management.

Since the beginning of Tiller, our goal has been to provide a comprehensive tool to prevent restaurateurs and merchants work with multiple devices and to manage all aspects of the business from the POS. Beesniss acquisition has allowed us to consolidate a bit more this vision. As for the next 5 years, we seek to change the the status quo the sector by digitization. We want to offer integrated services to facilitate the day to day restaurateur and improve their operational efficiency.

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