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Ramses Life opens its doors wide on Instagram


Talk about Ramses Life is talking about innovation, trend, inspiration… It is talking about a universe that takes us back to the original, sensory, the transcendental; It is much more than a restaurant. Rather, it is a lifestyle that makes a difficult line to define avant-garde but with absolutely incredible detail and worth seeing.

As it is their way of communicate everything that happens in this business through their social media, from the elaboration of a cocktail through a new dish to the most exclusive event.

Ramses Life, located next to the Puerta de Alcalá, It opens its doors wide in Instagram with images and videos worked, which have evolved gradually, especially as- since its inception way back 2012. Demonstrating the this business attaches importance to digital communication, to interact with their customers and, especially, the visual.

The French Philipphe Starck He is the creator of this local elite of Madrid. an experience for the senses beyond the purely gastronomic. A world that allows us to visualize the restaurant itself and its activity through Instagram.

2.500 square meters spread over three floors with different spaces. So is the restaurant that has decorated Starck, prestigious interior designer, presented in this way the general public on account of Ramses Life Instagram.

We do not want to miss it and we have made a collection of some of the more illustrative images and videos. Here we share with you this collection:

'Breakfast with diamonds’ a scene

He first Friday of each month Ramses Life has an appointment with diamonds. It is the latest initiative by the exclusive Madrid restaurant, performing workshops for insight into gemstones hand experts Moon Diamonds.


Culinary and decorative Natsuki proposal is not the only thing that can surprise guests. Ramses Life also has other spaces that complete all renovation unsurpassed by Philippe Starck.

He restaurant Suria, bar with Champagne Bar, the terrace in the Plaza de la Independencia and a private room with separate access called Delicatessen Room, It is one of the hot spots Ramses Life.

Suria offers Mediterranean cuisine based on seasonal produce and quality raw material sprinkled with cutting-edge techniques.

Discover SURIA, our gastronomic restaurant. #ramsesmadrid #puertadealcala

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Countdown… 🎄🎅🏼 #7daystochristmaseve #ramsesmadrid #hohoho

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Price, friends, disco, fun…

Ramses Life es, Of course, a meeting place, Recreational amenities to friends; a place to live good and unforgettable moments in an environment that sets trends and gastronomy at the forefront.


Ramses Life is a reference point for the celebration of the most diverse events. The customer just has to express their tastes and needs and the restaurant will make available the most exclusive service.

Presentations, press conferences and events

The indoor and outdoor Ramses Life's a reference point and meeting; desired and demanded a decorated for the most exclusive events and presentations, conferences and press conferences. An idyllic setting for organizing events tall.

en #LaTerraza de #RamsesLife @agatharuizdlprada #agathaecovidrio #RamsesMadrid

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Rincones, details

Ramses Life is a space marking on the retina who sees it for the first time but regulars. Its corners and details call attention, They do not go unnoticed. A whole world of sensations for the senses of customers.


The restaurant blend tradition and modernism. Art and fusion cuisine They bind to the delight of the client in a high-tech space. Comer, dinner or simply a drink in this space is an unbeatable experience.

In Japanese, Natshuki means 'Seven Moons', a name that invites you to be carried away by the place and its culinary proposal, mixing of different techniques and products.

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