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Ranking with 100 more digitalized US restaurants


At this stage, there is a much clearer notion about the benefits they can get restaurants using technology and various digital tools in their production routines. The importance of these innovations for the future of business are key, And because of that, major brands and hospitality chains are embracing a while digital transformation their companies.

In this point, L2, It is specializing in research in the food sector to assess performance digital brands company, I wanted to get answers to the following question: What brands or restaurants They are taking advantage of all their opportunities and which still have plenty of room to address the full digital transformation process? Therefore, it has developed a report that a classification that assesses the level of digitalization is done of these brands.

Associate director L2, Bill Duffy, He said in a note recently sent to media: "Restaurants must now invest effort and resources in innovations to improve their activity, since that It will allow them to be relevant in the future nearest.”

Definitely, he informe L2 Digital IQ – Restaurants US 2017 analyzes and clearly draws the digital performance 126 restaurant brands US. The concepts were evaluated to generate a Digitized ranking with the most restaurants in the country, They were the following ones:

1.- Courier services

At this point the technology for search and navigation that puts customer service via platforms such as GrubHub was valued, Amazon Restaurants, UberEats, etc.

2.- Development strategy Digital Marketing

Based on the SEO positioning and levels of authority websites, also it analyzed his presence in Google Maps, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc. and if he had any email marketing activity.

3.- Presence on social networks

This section analyzed the activity directly, followers, likes, And ultimately, he engagement generated brand on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat.

4.- Adaptability to navigation via mobile phone

Here the degree of adaptability was measured to mobile phones and if the brand or if the restaurant has its own app.

According to these criteria, the classification of the digitized US restaurants, would be as follows:

Ranking of the digitized US restaurants

  1. Starbucks
  2. Pizza Hut
  3. Panera Bread
  4. Domino’s
  5. Chili's
  6. Olive Garden
  7. Papa John’s
  8. Denny’s
  9. Chick-fil-A
  10. Dunkin’ Donuts
  11. McDonald’s
  12. Chipotle
  13. Buffalo Wild Wings
  14. Subway
  15. Wendy’s
  16. Applebee’s
  17. F. Chang’s
  18. Red Robin
  19. Outback
  21. Jimmy John’s
  22. LongHorn Steakhouse
  23. Hooters
  24. Jamba Juice
  25. Jersey Mike’s
  26. Cracker Barrel
  27. Wingstop
  28. Taco Bell
  29. Sonic
  30. Baskin-Robbins
  31. Moe’s Southwest Grill
  32. Krispy Kreme
  33. Quizno’s
  34. Red Lobster
  35. Arby’s
  36. Burger King
  37. Qdoba
  38. BJ’s Restaurants
  39. Dairy Queen
  40. Ben & Jerry’s
  41. Firehouse Subs
  42. Teavana
  43. White Castle
  44. Zaxby’s
  45. Cold Stone
  46. Bonefish Grill
  47. KFC
  48. Peet’s Coffee
  49. Steak ‘n Shake
  50. The Cheesecake Factor
  51. TGI Fridays
  52. Whataburger
  53. Five Guys
  54. Panda Express
  55. Carrabba’s
  56. Texas Roadhouse
  57. Boston Market
  58. California Pizza Kitchen
  59. Checkers/Rally’s
  60. Noodles & Co.
  61. 7-Eleven
  62. Friendly’s
  63. Crazy Chicken
  64. Potbelly
  65. Sheetz
  66. Popeyes
  67. McAlister’s
  68. Yard House
  69. Papa Murphy’s
  70. Smoothie King
  71. Little Caesars
  72. Wawa
  73. Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s
  74. Culver’s
  75. Sweetgreen
  76. Bob Evans
  77. Maggiano’s
  78. Carvel
  79. Shake Shack
  80. Caribou Coffee
  81. Jack in the Box
  82. Tim Hortons
  83. Bojangles
  84. Ruby Tuesday
  85. Of the Taco
  86. Golden Corral
  87. Pinkberry
  88. Coffee Bean Tea Leaf
  89. Coffee Stumptown Roasters
  90. Haagen-Dazs
  91. Blue Bottle Coffee
  92. Corner Bakery Café
  93. Bar Louie
  94. Saladworks
  95. Blaze Pizza
  96. In-N-Out Burger
  97. Yougurtland
  98. Juice Press
  99. Chopt
  100. Zoe’s Kitchen

Conclusions based on 4 top rated restaurants

Why is ranking with the most digitized US restaurants We can draw several conclusions. to get started, we know that Starbucks tops the list for factors such as traffic gains with compelling video content, location and a great engagement with his audience, which it allows you to connect a lot of good with users / customers of your brand.

Also high visibility for the entire range of keywords related to coffee and Instagram activity are hallmarks of Starbucks, which also has an app that allows customers loyalty, and manage orders and collected through a bot.

official sources and related state that the study itself: "Pizza Hut has greatly improved thanks to its new mobile web and promotions campaign Hut Rewards during exam times. As well He has devoted many resources to improve their advertising and graphic image, presenting a much fresher look and renovated ".

Meanwhile, Panera Bread is the leader in the integration of digital services Store, that is to say, dedicated to facilitate orders, deliveries or pickups. Do not forget that this restaurant chain has Order from My Table, a service that allows its customers sit at the table and sort orders through mobile. further, the company plans to raise between 1.100 million and 1.200 million in digital sales this year.

He Domino’s Pizza Tracker, optimized for mobile service that allows customers to see where your order in real time, added to good mobile SEO and great search engine rankings for all terms related to pizza, awarded to Domino’s Pizza a creditable fourth place.

as we see, the effective use of technology is important to achieve Greater sales, higher productivity and a sustainable competitive advantage. We also note as against the independent restoration, restaurant chains are more technology that have implemented global, probably because they have a greater amount of financial resources and management.

This research highlights the great importance it has acquired the implementation of technological innovations in different areas of the sector. This must be a priority for the future by competitive differential representing those with a high rate of deployment. Thus, the aim will be to find the balance point where the technology involves a real value input in each business.

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