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Ranking of 10 best chefs in social networks in Spain [3T2012]


Continuing the series of infographics that began a few weeks ago “Top 10 Hospitality Chain Social Media in Spain [3T2012]“, Today I want to share with you this new research I've done where I present a ranking of the 10 best cooks or haute cuisine restaurants in Spain with a notable presence on major social networks.

As in the above case is an open list your contributions or proposals, since I will be updated quarterly in order to track the evolution of social networks leading chefs in Spain.

Finally I want to emphasize that all those cooks or haute cuisine restaurants that are active mainly in Spain are present, not outside.

I created the hashtag # Top10Cocineros for anyone who wants to share via twitter.

What do you think about computer graphics data? Do you think the great Spanish chefs are knowing how to make their presence on social networks?

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