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Reasons for a restaurant you from the "Yes, I want "to advertising on Social Networks


Those who say that the world changes, changing every second, They are not discovering America, but they are giving the key to both personal and professional development. The world is changing, one must adapt quickly to survive and in the case of social networks fortiori if it fits.

For a couple of years we are seeing increasing presence of advertising on RRSS is growing. It is impossible to enter Facebook, Twitter or Instagram on without finding a promoted post. no longer understands the world of social networks without advertising Y That is a fact that should seize restaurants.

Segmentation of communication in social networks

The main reason why it is more than interesting allocate part of the budget of content promoted social networks is, definitely, segmentation. Offline advertising media (newspapers, radio and television) It is aimed at a mass audience, with little distinction in fields such as age, sex or geolocation.

Nevertheless, when launching a post on Facebook (the network that best segments and difference towards the promotion) the advertiser has an unimaginable number of fields to choose from and getting the post is written by and for your audience exclusivity. Hand segmentation walk the famous viralización, and is that if you get your real public, this will comment, will share almost inadvertently, simply because "he likes".

Beyond segmentation, in which you can almost pick up hair color user to be targeted ad, also they highlight the facilities made available to the advertiser monitor and analyze performance of each promotion.

This aspect of social network advertising is worthy of praise because it allows analyze what works inside out, What attracts followers, which converts a click on a purchase and opposite, which way not to go. It is one of the big differences with mass media campaigns, where is a smoldering and more long term way return. All this in the world of SMEs and hospitality is pure gold.

¿Advertising RRSS or positioning Google?

When it comes to advertising on the Internet always think first to do so on Google, through Adwords, and it is deservedly since good positioning in the search that everyone uses, It is basic. But slowly gaining ground the Social Ads, also it is known as advertising in social networks.

It is a mine that is currently not exploited at all, there is much ground to explore and on further it "easy and cheap" method of trial and error. As in the organic network strategy, You need to sit, analyze and see where and who arrive, as much that campaigns do not involve excessive costs, it is better to spend some time creation. Definitely, They are intuitive and economic, but to deliver results is not enough to develop campaigns in five minutes.

The most complex step and that greater attention (segmentation already have like it or not most studied in the Business Plan) It is just the closure announcement (optimization and cost). In this last step we must differentiate between CPM (Cost per Impression), CPM and CPC optimized (Cost per click). In this case It is always advisable cost per click, as it ensures, not only that the user viewed the ad, but also that it has entered the link and has a greater interest in you.

By last, an aspect that should not be forgotten to jump into the field of advertising in social networks, is that these campaigns yet they are being perceived by the user as invasive. So far you have more patience and more attention is devoted to the announcement on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that TV ads.

As the annual study of social networks of IAB Spain, a 44% just find annoying ads on their walls and their timeline and only 20% You can reach bother. Definitely, currently it is changing faster station and Radio and TV chain to escape publicity, ahead of scrolling and "pass" ad networks. So we must take advantage, It is the perfect time.

About the Author

Journalist because of Julio Ruiz and Disco Grande de RNE3. After passing through cultural programs in Onda Madrid and AS Journal, way to my first five years in the sector gastronomic communication, with a special eye on the use of social networks and gourmet restaurants. Rock & Goal as a lifestyle.


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