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Recipes with marijuana, a new trend in restaurant kitchens


In United States, Marijuana is available in vending machines and even served some food trucks. Columbia, Washington, Alaska and Colorado have regulated their use for recreational use and it was a matter of time until he reached the kitchen. The trend is approaching the match with marijuana.

At least one restaurant, Amsterdam Falafel Shop, It offers curious combinations of food with this herb and, farm Gourmet, store marijuana for therapeutic use, Cannabis specialties served in dishes like pizza, hummus and lasagna.

Based in Washington DC, Amsterdam Falafel Shop is a small restaurant chain inspired by those falafel shop flooding Amsterdam. Its founders have managed to move to the United States the tastes of Europe and the Middle East. After ten years marijuana has crept into your menu. This is not very wide, It has five items, but include combinations with five different strains of marijuana. For anyone who wants to try the Lemon Haze vigorous strain the menu suggests a sandwich with hummus, yoghurt, parsley, it, crispy onion, Turkey salad and cauliflower pickled. Because this strain has a citrus flavor and slightly sweet, the recommended coverages enhance the feeling with citrus flavors and textures varied.

Another recommendation is to try the menu OG Kush strain, in this case it is suggested to accompany her with root vegetables and tahini, as "complement the earthy scent of pine and woody nuances of this strain”. This sandwich / marijuana is designed to sharpen sensory awareness.

The franchise has a clear attraction with the newly legalized substance. Scott and Arianne Bennett, the founders, devised and developed recommendations based on tests conducted by trial and error themselves at home.

In the United States the percentage of citizens who are in favor of recreational marijuana legalization not far outstrips that of those who oppose. just a 51 percent is in favor. A Arianne Bennett this is not worried, as he told the magazine Washington Bussiness, not believe that non-drinkers customers feel offended by those who do, so do not think your customers will not marijuana smokers are going to feel offended by your customers if smoking.

If you want to know what would please your palate if you try OG Kush strain or Afghani, you can see in the following menu:

If we moved to the city of Denver, Colorado, we find a store marijuana for medical use, farm Gourmet, but not only it offers the own famous grass, but also dishes cooked with it as pizzas, lasagne, hummus and even paellas.

But it is also, in Southern California, a TV show called Cannabis Planet has been gaining followers through its food section in which it is taught how to use this herb in some recipes, and chicken teriyaki type, Capellini pasta with shrimp or beef sandwiches.

Returning to Farm Gourmet, we find waiters and T-shirts praying: “Our food is so rich you need a license to prove it! ”. Because you can only be a customer of this restaurant if you show identification that allows marijuana for medical purposes.

Carrying dishes as a condiment this herb are of a higher price and most orders are to take, because customers can only consume each dish on the menu 45 minutes. They are needed 20 minutes to two hours for the drug is ingested and have its effect. The biggest problem is that they claim to have, sometimes, users eat too much because they believe that food does not work. Although you can not overdose from eating too much marijuana, this does affect the timing and orientation. Thus, Scott Horowitz tried to get a secure as the bars, to protect against damage caused by customers who have eaten too many dishes "seasoned", but he got none with similar coverage. For the moment, Gourmet farm takes guests to his house when they need it.

The principle of this new kitchen, employing known herb in their dishes, It is based on the nature of the main component of marijuana, narcotics tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as THC, which is dissolved in oil or fat. After a long and laborious process over butter is obtained, the "cannamantequilla", which is the main ingredient to add to the dishes have the effect of drugs.

Cannamantequilla particular has a specific taste and is quite strong but can be disguised using more traditional herbs, those who do not have to be legalized, like garlic.

The inclusion of this herb in the kitchen could foresee inevitable given the explosion, in recent years, of marijuana for therapeutic purposes in the United States. further, Many patients taking prefer to eat smoked, so they yearn to eat something beyond the typical sweets flavored with marijuana.

One of the cooks of this program Cannabis Planet, Michael DeLao, He said that when he started using marijuana brownie was eaten daily and eventually won many kilos, irredeemably. Then he learned to really cook with marijuana and are sure that when people discover the possibilities for use will be many more people asking for it in your food.

By last, in California we have a secret garden of marijuana controlled by Aurora Leveroni, known as Nonna Marihuana, a woman of 91 years as good Italian cuisine much appreciated his country but she prepares her recipes with a twist: marijuana. Nuggs uses marijuana harvested by his daughter for kitchens and stating that likes to cook with this herb because it can help those who have been or are sick cope with pain.

Marijuana has come to the kitchen of the restaurants and it seems that it has to stay.

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