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Collection of the most absurd laws affecting international restaurants


All businesses or companies have their rules or laws, el motivo de esta regulación es el de asegurar que todo funciona correctamente. The same happens in the case of the restaurants, they have rules governing cleaning every corner of the room, proper staff hygiene, how to store and prepare food ... etc.

As we have seen, and we continue to see in the series of articles Agapito Barroso on how you have to design professional kitchens, We have a fairly large number of considerations and regulations relating to the world of hotels and restaurants.

These laws or regulations, there for a good reason. A restaurant is a place where we will have lunch or dinner, elements are talking about going to eat, thus you need to be very careful with every detail.

Restaurants laws difficult to believe

But we have also noticed that, There is a handful of laws relating to restaurants that are, the less curious. Some of them have their explanation, but the fact is that certain life circumstances, forgetfulness or tradition; we have several restaurants stupid laws.

That's why we decided to make this compilation, in which we will list and order the most surreal laws that have been written about restaurants around the world. Some even hard time believing:

1.- In Chicago, you go against the law If you eat at an establishment in flames.

2.- En Gran Bretaña mantienen una Ley del S. nineteenth prohibits serving tripe cooked on Sundays.

3.- In peace, Bolivia, married women They not allowed to drink more than a glass of wine in a bar public restaurant.

4.- New Jersey is considered officially a slurp soup offense in a public restaurant.

5.- Bars in Amsterdam is completely legal cannabis smoking but can not smoke cigarettes or cigars “normal”.

6.- In Florida there is a law prohibiting the use of computers and smartphones in cybercafes.

7.- There is a law prohibiting Alabama carry an ice cream cone in the back pocket.

8.- In the United Kingdom, women they can not eat chocolate while traveling on public transport.

9.- Kansas is prohibited serve wine in teacups.

10.- In Wisconsin it is illegal in public restaurants sell apple pie without cheese.

11.- Alabama is banned selling peanuts on Wednesdays after sunset.

12.- I do Georgia, It is only allowed to eat fried chicken if done with hands.

13.- In Indiana it is illegal catch a public transport in the following 4 hours after eating garlic.

How you can see, no shortage of strange laws around the world. These rules meaningless, We raise an interesting question, What should happen in each of these places, para motivar la redacción de leyes de semejante calibre?

There are also restaurants with unique and specific standards

further, these are laws cities or populations They refer to what can or should happen in a restaurant. En el caso de las leyes propias de los restaurantes, also are noteworthy examples. As in the "dead”, el restaurante de Australia especializado en comida japonesa, where its owner, la chef Yukako Ichikawa que fine you if you leave food on the plate and it makes you a 30% otherwise discount, or Japanese restaurant in which it is forbidden to eat what is asked. That is to say, diner order and pay for a plate, but eat what you have asked the previous diner ... crazy.

It is clear that standards are created by the legislative bodies of each country, in order to guide citizens to correct behavior, However in the case of these laws we can not help but to smile.

Finally we want to reflect: Besides all these rules so curious that we are scattered around the world (although the US looks like a place "to feed part"), and basic living standards we all know, we probably thought at some point, while in a restaurant, in a rule that would put us to avoid Children playing near our table, diners gritones or unfriendly waiters.

trust This list of surrealistic laws continue to grow, if only thanks to your suggestions. Are the animals?

Collection of the most absurd laws affecting international restaurants
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    • Jose Berenguer
      Jose Berenguer on

      Hello Alvaro!! Muchísimas gracias por tus palabras, espero que hayas disfrutado tanto al leerlo, como aquí en lo hicimos a la hora de redactarlo 😉
      Lo cierto es que el ser humano nunca dejará de sorprendernos, y a veces podemos encontrarnos con este tipo de cosas tan curiosas que, oye, por lo menos te alegran el día verdad? 🙂
      Si te gusta la temática, mantente conectado a nosotros pues somos auténticos fans de las noticias más curiosas del mundo de la hostelería y los restaurantes, y siempre intentamos contaros las más destacadas y lo más importante, sacar alguna lección o enseñanza de todas ellas


  1. Jaume Lázaro on

    Me ha gustado mucho el artículo. Cosas realmente sorprendentes. But, y en esto estarán de acuerdo muchísimos empresarios del sector de la restauración, en la UE y, Thus, aquí en España, continuamente se están introduciendo nuevas normas técnicas que, sin ser tan extravagantes como las que expones, son exageradamente exigentes y, especially, costosas para los negocios, sin que aporten mejoras sustanciales para los clientes en muchos casos. Normas que parecen obedecer más a la necesidad de los funcionarios y legisladores por justificar que se preocupan por hacer algo útil que a solventar problemas reales.

    • Jose Berenguer
      Jose Berenguer on

      Hola Jaume, Thank you very much for your comment, creo sinceramente que no podrías tener más razón. De hecho ya estoy pensando, dada la buena aceptación que ha tenido el artículo, en preparar otro en la línea de lo que comentabas. Esas normas de las que hablas y sobre las que quizás el sector de la hostelería no está tan de acuerdo puede ser otro buen punto de partida para el inicio de otro debate, que al final es lo que buscamos aquí. Escuchar vuestras réplicas, opiniones y consejos motiva a seguir. Thank you!

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