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Reflections on what the client is looking today at a restaurant


For a successful restaurant, we bet for excellence in 3 key main and most valued by customers today that allow them to enjoy a complete experience; the service, the product and setting.

It is very important to be aware that to get a 360 experience, now we have to meet these 3 key, and certainly not left to chance any detail as the sum of all add customer value and create competitive advantages.

Of course, we must also apply a differentiation strategy, which will become the main raison d'etre of any brand. This process will help us to distinguish the product, the setting or service making them more attractive for our customers. Show those aspects that make us unique is create value for them, and will allow us to draw your attention.

The value is the difference, no doubt that be different aid to promote and to have a strong presence in this competitive market.

Let's dig a little deeper into the 3 key basic where customers look and your restaurant will be under control if you want to succeed:

fundamental for the client today aspects in a restaurant

1.- The service

People are the key service. They are the ones who give the first and last impression to customers, The negative positive. The reputation of your business rests largely on them, so entrepreneurs must apply 7 Key HR management:

  1. Staff pick
  2. Training
  3. Communication
  4. Teamwork
  5. Motivation
  6. Working environment
  7. Leadership

And of course, we must give the utmost importance to the smile as a universal language. You should never underestimate the potential impact a smile on the relationship between the waiter and diner.

We must take care principle of primacy, referring to the welcome greeting. In the same way, we must also pay attention to the reception within the first 58 seconds after the customer enters the door, the quality details, mirror neurons and the principle of recency O farewell.

Remember that most customers can not separate the product they receive from the people who deliver.

2.- The product

It is very important to control as much as possible value chain. For example, in "The Mafia" We import all the raw material of the highest quality, from Italy and elaborate pasta, (ecological, stuffed, comprehensive, Fresh and dried), The pizzas, desserts, ice creams, etc. We also have a own logistics platform where we buy directly from the manufacturer avoiding intermediaries and in many cases working and developing a exclusive product such as sauces, automatically semi-dry, Lambrusco, etc ... Here lies our competitive advantage.

He I+D I should be continuous in all matters relating to the product and à la carte. If you work with rigor and professionalism should be a source of differentiation to open a gap with your competitors. The goal is to create a gastronomic and operational offer that is hard to copy.

A very important part, is treating the product with great care in our premises for the customer to be aware of the quality that is consuming. Misuse thereof in kitchen, such as not label each time a can is opened, on the bag, It can cause this does not reach the customer in perfect condition, and we lose that quality that we have bet. So that the operational excellence each unit is key to your business.

By last, my recommendation is to work with suppliers that are committed to quality, and those caring basic products, like bread, the coffee, desserts, The wine selection, etc.

3.- The environment

We realize that all catering businesses are not equal, what There is great diversity both organized hospitality and bars, coffee shops, level restaurants, etc… Each of us must create the necessary environment, make sure it is the right and also endure over time.

In the restaurants, the gastronomy, the decor, he furniture, design crockery, the music, the uniform and the illumination are elements that add up and complement the diner experience our spaces and give the necessary consistency.

How to approach your restaurant strategy

I conclude this reflection on how focus our efforts to succeed in a restaurant adding that It is essential to apply a good marketing strategy Social Networking.

"Strategy is not what you plan to do or what you dream to be. Your real strategy is what you're doing now, and the rest are dreams ". Enrique Quemada, business visionary.

Thus, Your job as a leader is to be clear about the strategy and identify “misalignments” they may have right now in your business, taking these 3 exposed key reference.

I conclude with an old aphorism that says so: "Those who always do the same things, always get the same results " Nevertheless, Unbelievably, most expect to get different results without changing anything.

About the Author

Founder and CEO of The mafia sits at the table, Italian franchise restaurants near 40 establishments in Spain.



  1. great post.
    Javier strongly agree with what you say you apart, dealing with a quality product and get a proper environment are fundamental elements for your hotel business goes well.
    An element that is essential is the formaición employee, although the above elements to fail if the human component fails, the business is in danger.

      • Leon Dario Naranjo Lopera propietari Restaurante Rio San Jose Costa Rica on

        I think there are four key elements for any restaurant business:
        1-Presentation. When the client says “…how cute this place…” We fill our heart
        2-Attention. “Good Morning, Welcome, come forward…” they imply that they have not been wrong in choosing.
        3-Quality. good products, different flavors and aromas, innovation and excellent combinations tell the client that we think of them.
        4- Reasonable prices. Neither cheap nor expensive simply reasonable.
        Correctly relate these four elements allow us to sell no meat or rice or pasta but an extraordinary product: SATISFACTION!!!

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