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intelligent cooling: IA Gofredo thus applies to food preservation cold


Technology-based solutions for restaurants artificial intelligence and machine learning are increasingly common in the environment restoration.

A) Yes, we have seen, for example, the possibilities this computing innovation has in managing the supply of ingredients in the local. Some early as the small chain Westville use a software integrated into its POS terminal to get automated alerts on products that are being depleted in the pantry restaurant. All without the employees having to lift a finger. When the commands is introduced, the machine interprets what ingredients are to be used and in what quantities.

It is the only application that is already being seen in the sector. Hand Spanish engineers of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, They reach kitchens virtual assistants that measure the level of interest and satisfaction that each recipe raises. A) Yes, Receteame (This is the name that has received the application) you can target the restorer when designing the card, a critical aspect when to offer a sublime experience to diners passing through the establishment.

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In the case of Goffredo, a technology company based refrigeration in Italy, novelty artificial intelligence has much to do with reducing food waste in the catering sector.

Apart from the unfortunate estimates when quantify what foods are needed in the kitchen, one of the main reasons why spoil food in the restaurant is the deterioration of the same. This can occur for many reasons, from contaminations crossed to improper handling of the products. Breaking the cold chain and excessive temperatures in refrigerators and freezers is one.

It is a difficult problem to detect. Perhaps there may be complaints from customers to perceive the texture of food is strange, different than expected. Other times are the employees of cooks who notice the frost has gone through a process of thawing and has subsequently been refrozen. Depending on the circumstances, This may go unnoticed for a long time, degrading the quality of our service and endangering the health of customers; the latter, something that certainly is much more serious.

To avoid such unpleasant situations can opt for a system monitoring the cold chain.

There are several models on the market, but since the AI ​​is used in these systems is still a very young technology, every year new improvements are added to the existing solutions. Older models are becoming obsolete quickly as.

A) Yes, the new version presented by Goffredo chooses to give more control to local owner, offering for it compatibility with smart phones. This integration restaurateur simply open the app and mobile terminal at its navigate the display for the status found in the cold chain, food and associated machines.

several associated discomforts furniture maintenance professional cooling step are avoided. For example: large models have their temperature controllers at the rear of the enclosure, which requires moving the huge machine to access it. This no longer happens, because the dial becomes controlled from the touch screen of our mobile.

further, he software which have specialized in refrigeration applications for restoration based on artificial intelligence allows the user to study the graphs of evolution over time of the temperature and humidity inside the drawer, export all measures in formats compatible with authenticated reports and tables of data fields, resolve incidents and request assistance from the relevant technical, etc.

The safety of the cold chain does not have to be at odds with the economy operating. The initial investment is reduced, Suffice it to say that the sensors to be introduced in refrigerators and freezers do not reach 10 euros, why it is having great success among oenologists, Food carriers, restaurateurs and food critics.

One of these is satisfied buyers Leone Marzotto chef, which he has picked up the baton of the Stoppani family to rule the restaurant Peck. With a history of 126 years, This gastronomic place of worship has been synonymous with high-quality gastronomy for decades. Part of the secret of success is technological vanguardismo, which it is evidenced in the adoption of innovative solutions such as the sensor and software cooling Gofredo. Of course, none of this would be possible without the legacy left by the previous owners and the daily effort that the staff of the company deposited Deck.

With the new uses of AI being watched in recent months on the market intended for the catering sector it is ruled out that the tendency to use either a fad or a simple promotional gimmick to attract consumers more techies. The benefits of improved cooling in the workspace restaurants are an advantage that any professional can understand, more so when you fight food waste and energy consumption on the premises (thus saving these two points leads).

Goffredo is available for operating systems iOS and Android, having a temporary demonstration for interested parties. System operation, despite the underlying technology IA, It is extremely easy, and hence the reason for its success is: any restorer can use the mechanism for very low price.

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