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Rentaterapia, the game of adding an X in the box Solidarity 106 your tax return


Rentaterapia is an exercise, beyond that, it's a lifestyle. Is about an annual exercise that feels good to you and 7 millions more. Because we want you can become an expert in the fine art of sport, we will give you a number of useful tips, that will help you become a true champion.

that box 106 Every year millions of Spaniards in their income tax return and whose name is "Activities of Social Interest" Get our one of our tax 0'7 entirely devoted to social programs, thus achieving more help 7 million people in need. It may seem a simple gesture, but such is its importance, we will teach you how to do it masterfully, since this is how to navigate the game Rentaterapia.

How to play the Rentaterapia

This is a slight twist upper body to the income statement in front of you. Once when the player is on paper, You must put love and perfection with a cross in the box 106. After this phase, Most trainers recommend to look ahead and take heart, with the intention of feeling like you're doing something for those in need.

Because the truth is that, in each game Rentaterapia, the result is always victory. A big trophy as tele-assistance for the elderly, home help for people with physical disabilities, attention to homeless, eradication of gender violence and labor integration of women, psychosocial care for children diagnosed with cancer or volunteer programs. The game itself has a website where they explain more details trophies, top scorers and more information about this new sport. Visit the web.

We hope that after this explanation count on all the information needed to begin to become a true ace Rentaterapia. It is It is a method that comes to revolutionize your exercise Income Statement. A new sport that we note in record time an incredible physical and mental improvement of our state. In milliseconds, and with a simple gesture, You'll feel better than ever, You will free all the stress and be much more comfortable with yourself and your environment, why… nothing feels better than helping more than 7 million people in need.

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