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Book a restaurant in Google Maps


I have long been saying that Google's content and related conversions restaurants are a priority, The reason is very clear, a large percentage of your traffic is directly related to the restaurant industry.

From the demand side, the millions of customers daily looking for related content with restaurants, and from the supply side, an entire global industry that craves a privileged position in this search as a key element of its strategy to attract customers.

Thus, every so often, Google surprises us with new utilities related to the sector, An example, these articles I have posted on the blog:

Now it's the turn Google Maps, mapping service offered by the search, that users use to geotag positions and also in recent days has updated its mobile interface to make it more navigable.

The fact is that it has launched a new feature that allows without leaving the map clicking a restaurant and access different information, the opinions of other users, the menu, a link to the web, etc. But the novel is it possible to make and confirm a direct booking self-selected restaurant.

For this has been supported by the main operator booking online world, OpenTable, which makes the entire process traceability once the user has chosen the restaurant and always without leaving Google Maps.

For the moment, the utility has been launched to United States, but if the system is well received among users it is likely to be available to operators worldwide with online booking local restaurants.

But the issue is not here, as added service, users who have downloaded the application Uber, may request a car with driver they take the reserved restaurant, by knowing the length of waiting, travel time and the cost thereof.

Uber restaurant reservations

Undoubtedly the interest of Google for the restaurant industry, where no longer content just with the famous “click useful”, Now the bet is clearly a new element, the mobility of people, and that will undoubtedly have an impact on the restaurant industry.

I would like to hear your thoughts on these new features in Google applications Google Maps Do you think might be useful or profitable for the restaurant industry?

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