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ResQ Club launches Spanish with apps against wasting food restaurants


It is the golden age of apps against food waste. Mushrooming all over the world local applications that claim to reduce unused food restaurants, cafeterias and other food establishments.

The abundance of solutions indicates that the level of awareness of this problem has reached a critical mass which allows take action. On the other hand, the plurality of versions, as the weSAVEeat platform, is a clear indicator that none of the programs that have reached the market dominates About the others.

This period of instability may be coming to an end. In 2016, two interesting applications arose in Finland and Germany. In the Nordic country it came to digital applications markets ResQ Club Hand Tuure Parking Marianne and its partners. He appeared in Berlin MealSaver, creation of the Danish resident abroad Mai Goth Olessen.

In late spring 2017, was taking place merging both initiatives in a project, after foothold in Sweden, Germany and Finland, seeks to expand into the rest of Europe. And the nations bathed by the Mediterranean Sea are uncharted territory.

Sauli Bohn, CEO of ResQ Club and original programmer of important sections of code reused in the apps against food waste, He told The Spanish what “Spain is a market that intrigues us, and it is in the roadmap. As far as regards dates, All I can say is stay tuned”.

The application ResQ Club contacts consumers with restaurant owners, bars and coffee shops to sell products that would day away and take out some performance.

The aim is to facilitate the communication between both parties to consummate the sale by the establishment of food It is in good condition but what, for various reasons and unless it were coming through this channel, eventually joining the rest of waste from premises in question.

The company ResQ Club a percentage takes of that sale It varies establishment offering food. The point is that, at on Europa, he 20% of the food which occurs in restaurants just in the trash for one reason or another.

The rapid expansion that is experiencing this system to reduce roll food in restaurants is due to sponsorship experts Carlsson and other reputable investors that more dynamic international company with economic contribution of more than 1,5 millions of euros.

The key to the economic viability

The economic viability of the project is confirmed by the participation of these “Whales” financial. While he was never in doubt. Unlike other apps against food waste only they perform a social action in the field of food sustainability, ResQ Club receives a percentage of each sale which it is done through your system.

The amount varies according to the amount of the dish offered and the agreement reached with the restaurant owner, but with 1900 associated facilities, 250.000 active users and 500.000 saved dishes, it follows that the company has benefits.

Bohn, who heads a small team 24 people, said that after the merger and before starting to explore southern markets, it is necessary adjust business strategy. According to the vision of Marie Ohnesorge, ResQ Club member, the app will become “a convenient solution for anyone who wants to enjoy a profitable food quality”.

From overnight the start-up, He has decided raise standards of restaurants with which it collaborates, to paraphrase Marie: “We want to work with restaurateurs who support our philosophy and offer high quality products” and create “less waste, more respect for good food”.

A kind of unprecedented blend of food sustainability and profitability of products not sold in upscale restaurants.

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