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Restaurant Trends 2016, the challenge of offering 360 ° customer experience


I attended the seventh edition of the annual meeting organized Restaurant Trends in Madrid the business association Brands Restoration, where responsible for the largest chains of organized restoration and other sectoral entities cited for exchange views and experiences on key trends and hospitality industry in Spain.

A very interesting day, in which we discovered new industry trends for the coming years.

To summarize I want to share with my readers this "talk / interview "with director of GastroUni, Oscar Carrion on the main ideas discussed in Restaurant Trends 2016.

Restaurant Trends 2016: Interview - talk between Diego Coquillat and Oscar Carrion

Oscar Carrion - We are in this fantastic event, Restoration organized by Brands, which groups the major restaurant chains organized.

From the Restaurant Trends 2016 we have had the opportunity to make a very good picture of how the sector will, as it has been this year and what can we expect for the 2017. For it, I would like to know What they have been for Diego Coquillat, the keys to what we have been hearing.

Diego Coquillat – I would start by highlighting the spirit that we have encountered, It is very positive. After a few years in which the sector has suffered, we are talking about growth above the average.

We should note that restoration organized in Spain He represented in 2008 a 14% and that today already exceeds 20%. This confirms that This is a sector that has a great influence for consumption, within that sum representing sales in hotels and restaurants for sale.

I think certainly that we go to a market where organized part becomes very important, in which it is diversifying the product and is innovating in the management part, that the great differential with the independent restaurant.

Oscar Carrion - we have heard as the average participation of organized versus individual restoration restoration is around 40%.

We doubt then arose whether, with "after twenty percent," we have now we can reach that European rate or there is some factor in the Spanish restoration that difficult.

Diego Coquillat – Fundamentally there is a factor. If, for example from Italy, have a 40%, almost half of the restaurants there are part of organized groups or restoration.

There are a key factor of differentiation in Spain, lto enormous significance and history with independent restaurants, a much more complex market than in other countries where there is no such tradition.

There is much to do, much to conquer in this regard. There is a very important differential percentage versus European Spanish.

Oscar Carrion - I would like to emphasize something that I found very interesting, It is this need that has one (organized restoration) the other (Independent Restore). Many times, When we think of restoration organized, We are thinking about franchising, in large groups, standardization.

Diego Coquillat – But for the independent restaurant that line management it is also very interesting, as well as the line of innovation that mark restaurants belonging to franchise.

On the other hand, organized restoration is looking customizing, the closeness, humanization service, the most individual experiences and exclusive own independent restaurants.

And many times the franchise concept leads us to think of an industrialized restaurant, it gives you a guarantee that is behind a brand, but it is true that closeness missing, warmness that do have almost by default independent restaurants.

a very interesting game is then formed in which, on the one hand that organized restoration needs the passion of independent restoration. And on the other hand, independent management needs restoration, professionalization and training are organized in restoration. That is to say, You must begin to organize, while organized restoration is looking towards personalization and humanization of independent.

Oscar Carrion - This Restaurant Trends 2016 They have left it up enough economic data of which I would especially highlight one. We always fills the mouth talking about millennials, of new consumers, but he has appeared in Talk a new concept, and are "viejennials".

Diego Coquillat – Of course each new event new terms emerge, and it's amazing ability to innovate with the words on the sector.

The term "viejennials" refers to the generation now has 40 O 50 years, they'll come fully to retirement. They are part of a new lifestyle in which restaurants are fundamental and so they'll be one of the most important consumers in the coming years.

Digitization in organized and independent restoration: Insufficient

Oscar Carrion - Finally. Technology. Before you ask the question, my opinion is that although everyone speaks scanning, I do not think are very clear, it seems they are waiting to see them come. And we talk about large restaurant chains organized.

Diego Coquillat – These restaurant chains organized have the resources and structures needed to innovate in technology, or to apply new ideas that are already being used internationally.

Mobile payment comes with enormous force, and especially a very important element is the technology inside the restaurant: TPV´s, Big Data, technology product ....

They are issues that take time ... Is about, from an innovation, reach a clear profit, both the restaurant and customers.

Son differentiators, organized restoration or franchises here, They are very clear because there are not many ways to differentiate more, almost everything is copyable. Technology and innovation are critical to differentiate And of course, They bet on it in a form convinced.

Oscar Carrion - Finally, I'd say it was a fantastic event, where we have discovered the keys to what is to come. We have a promising future ahead, but also come curves, because must be formed and optimize management, the ultimate goal is to increase the benefits for your customers.

Diego Coquillat – As we have seen, several are the keys that mark and mark the present and future of the hospitality industry both organized restoration, as from independent restoration.

You can not have more reason Oscar Carrion in his statement the training and professionalization of the sector in all aspects it is key.

Such as administration, innovation and brand differentiation for your restaurant, on the other hand You should know position in the world online, we sighted a hopeful and exciting future, where the trend is positive but you have to work hard.

Finally I share the video with the interview.

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