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Restaurant Trends 2016: The sector takes air, but they come curves


A few days ago I had the pleasure of attending one of the most important events leading Spanish panorama of restoration, the seventh edition of Restaurant Trends Restoration organized Brands, the business association that gathers and brings together large groups of modern and organized restoration in Spain.

Personally, I found a very good event, both organizational and speakers and focus, something that is not always easy to get. And not to miss anything of it, I was accompanied by my friend Diego Coquillat, with whom I had the opportunity to do a very good picture of how the sector is, how it went this year and what can we expect for the 2017.

Throughout the event I was collecting ideas that I found interesting and in this article I talk about the 9 most relevant.

The 9 most important ideas that were discussed at the Restaurant Trends 2016

  1. Millenials vs Viejenials

To grow, large restaurant chains organized should seek how to increase sales in new niches with new spending capacity. In this regard they appear the “viejenials”, a profile of potential customers who have not been undermined their spending capacity and has no qualms about eating the cuisine offering franchises. Identified this new profile, any small business should start address them and provide adequate cuisine if you want increase your average ticket.

  1. Yes grow, but beware

In 2017 the economy will continue to grow around a 3%, due to a rebound effect after the exit of the crisis, and in 2018 It was normalized to 2%, as in similar countries. The sector is positive with this growth but we must take care not to be trusted, there are external factors that can cause significant changes in the political and social landscape that could potentially undermine the confidence of consumers and, so, see decreased their consumption.

  1. The threat of Brexit

Since Brexit results appeared last month in June, Spain has lived with a shadow of much speculation about our future. We should wait a few months to see how it performs that obtained in the referendum and how it evolves pound. Since the latter itself is a very important factor for British, which will directly affect the consumer, and therefore travel and spending a market so important for the tourism future of our country.

  1. sincere sustainability

Although not a new term for the sector, the catering company that really bet by implementing a strategy based on sustainability, may incur new market niches such as, Millennials, from which to obtain benefit. But he spoke of sincerity, so that the marketing strategy can work at the level of a business strategy It must be thoroughly integrated into the core business. If we are committed to doing something good, let's do well to 100%.

  1. Adjusting average ticket

Some restaurant chains, as in the case of The Mafia, They managed to adjust downward their average ticket thanks to management improvements which they were forwarded directly to the customer and others, as the case Tommy Mels, because they were adjusted to the segment of its kind clientele; This caused both chains sales increase around the 6-7%. In a small business, if we can reduce 3% purchases and increase by 3% sales, We could be talking about doubling the last line.

  1. What is the most important

They talked about concept, product and price as important factors when making spending, But what it is the first of three? Because depending on what the customer is willing to spend, It will be one or the other. The value will be in the average ticket (pink ticket, blue ticket, Brown ticket ...) so that, CV, we must identify what our customer type and offer a concept, a product and a price that is within their means. Only in this way we will achieve success.

  1. Inexperienced hoteliers

Most leaders of the new restoration organized chains do not come directly from the hotel. The reason? Mainly because until recently there was no specific training for business management in hospitality. Is it positive with no experience? It is negative because it brings benefits in terms of focus and management business strategy, and above all it is made from common sense. Thus, It leaves aside the visceral start hotelier of all life that in most cases does not generate anything positive.

  1. Digitalisation and new technologies

Big bet on them for both marketing and communication as to improve processes and operations in strings. This is a great opportunity, provided that no focus is lost and never forget that a restoration company is intended to provide a particular service: feed customers. Once this is done perfectly, we can add whatever we want to complete the full dining experience.

  1. The formation, the great forgotten

He spoke little or none of it and I found a real missed opportunity. As industry leaders, the big chains should be the first to set an example to the rest of their "little sisters" and teach the value of a good education, especially in the direction and management of hospitality businesses. We should never stop training our teams and train ourselves, It is what we repeat day in and day from Gastrouni. Success in this sector depends, unique and exclusively, Of the information.

Definitely, the sector has a bright future ahead, but also come curves, therefore it is necessary to form and optimize management, as our ultimate goal should be to increase sales and benefits to our customers.

Ended with the video we do from the event itself with some of the most important conclusions:

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I'm a lucky guy that life has given him much more than I expected. I teach at the University Institute for Tourism Research. I am Director of the Master in Restaurants & F&B Hospitality University of Alicante.


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