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Bombay restaurant uses a drone to deliver a pizza delivery


As I have repeated ad nauseam in recent months, technology increasingly will want to invade the face of the phase consumer or a restaurant service.

A good example of this is the now want to share. It is making service delivery a restaurant in a very unusual way and using innovative technological elements.

To get in position, Let us move to Bombay, in India, a population of over 12 million and where traffic is a real mess.

In this city there two years ago a restaurant called Francesco's Pizzeria, and its goal is to solve the huge problem of traffic in their delivery service pizza delivery.

For it, and for the first time, It will use a four-engine drone has to travel a distance of 1'5km and deliver this pizza on the top floor of a building.

For the uninitiated in the subject, I will say that an drone is an air vehicle flying unmanned, there are different shapes and sizes and are used for both civilian and for military use.

Although there are significant regulatory restrictions and techniques in this type of aircraft, It is the first test successfully demonstrating that in the future these devices can be used to transport food from restaurants to homes of customers.

further, we must not forget, These planes can be programmed to perform specific routes autonomously, very similar to what Google wants to achieve with its cars without drivers and that I commented on it in one of my previous articles (Google wants to bring free drive to restaurant patrons).

Here's the video where they have done this experiment is shown:

To end, reflection, does 30 years I never thought that a man with a motorbike was going to take me a pizza to my house and this would become quite normal, Perhaps in a few years it will also be normal for a drone or “avioncito” you take a pizza to your home, time will tell.

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