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A restaurant where beautiful women eat free


It is a fact that restaurants around the world are sharpening ingenuity in their marketing and promotion, especially large restaurant chains with increasingly creative and impactful ads.

I want to introduce a major restaurant chain in Brazil pasta called Spoleto and coinciendo with International Women's Day, He campaigned in some of its restaurants in Rio de Janeiro that I would like to share with you under the title “Beautiful Women Do not Wear Plaid”, that is to say, “Beautiful women do not pay”.

The main objective of the campaign is closely linked to emotional, since women who express their happiness by feeling pretty going to get interesting rewards such as free food at the restaurant.

This is the campaign video, Do not miss it:

Best of all is that the results of the campaign were very interesting; 500 women are not paid and sources said the chain itself sales increased that day in a 35%. Social media did the rest to get a huge virality of this content, video beating the 270.000 reproductions. But above all they got something very important, and many women to smile and feel beautiful and happy.

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