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Restaurant La Goyosa, #singluten bet the chef Mateo Sierra


Commitment gluten free food, to make life happier your customers especially the celiacs, and a healthy kitchen level. He Chef Mateo Sierra, known for its passage through the programa MasterChef and the creation of a Gourmet recipes #singluten, He has taken the big step of opening your own business together with fellow chef Carlos Lardies.

It has been in Huesca, although just you have three days of life, he Restaurant La Goyosa He is giving a lot of talk and has been He applauded by the sensitivity of its owners with celiac disease. Last but not least the fact that the menu items do not contain gluten, It is local gastrotapas at affordable prices also alerts each variety of the presence of allergens such as crustaceans, Soy, dairy products, nuts or sulfur dioxide.

Natural Huesca, Mateo Sierra adds value to the products of their land. Something he did with emphasis when he participated in MasterChef in 2014. Now, La Goyosa, You can desgustar, for example, of trout pyrinea grade or melon with lime sorbet and basil and lime and lemon granita.

We share some of the publications that have given the welcome in social networks the establishment of the chef Mateo Sierra.

Then, we show different dishes and products used by the chef in his kitchen oscense sharing us your Personal account Instagram:

An overhead for costillones of cerdito we have tightened my family and myself 😂😂 If you want to do, las maceráis 24 hours with sour and spicy paprika, romero, red wine vinegar (if you have better homegrown or sherry if that is not the case), salt and pepper. What you put on a baking tray after those 24 hours at a temperature of 150 ° C three hours, 200 ° C half an hour and 230 ° C the half. The last half hour can remove the fat loose rib and have a glass of brandy and other vegetable stock to be where wet 😂😂 Cortadlas when well picked and the meat is as unctuous that you have had in your life and terminad with a fresh gremolata made with lemon, parsley and extra virgin olive oil. To enjoy hermosuras ❤😘🤤 #glutenfree #singluten

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And, When I'm in the garden and there is good light as I dedicate myself to take pictures of cabbage 😂😂 Romanescu to collect puntito. This year will despacito, but with great quality… I'm already salivating. I'll upload photo with the recipe is easier than anything. Besiiiis 😘😘😘

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My snack and I, I and my snack. We are all peas in a pod 😂🤤

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