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A restaurant uses social networks to catch thieves


It seems to have been born a new utility SMR (Social Media Restauranting) did not know, It involves harnessing the power of virality of social networks for capturing a restaurant robbers.

The story is only a few days ago, specifically the last Saturday night 28 from January, happened at a restaurant in the city of Boston called Boloco, where three thieves safe took.

Luckily for the restaurant whole scene was recorded by multiple security cameras that are in the local.

But what is surprising theme, is that when the restaurant owners saw the camera recordings, they decided to make a video, and promote it across your social network, specifically in their channels Youtube, Facebook Y Twitter, with the aim of obtaining information for subsequent arrest thieves.

But to make the matter more “attractive” they decided to offer a reward of 1.000$ cash for any information leading to the arrest of three individuals.

This is the video that made, that seems to be fulfilling its objective, because right now it has been viewed more than 8.000 times.

This was the publication made in its Facebook wall, which they announced the reward 1.000$ for stealing these 3 thieves and they also linked up with video.

Of course, also they are given its diffusion twitter account, by the way, in recent days it is still very active :

Best of all is that apparently and as I see in one of his latest posts on your Facebook wall, They are very close to arrest these three robbers through information and clues obtained by this diffusion in social networks.

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