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Restaurants with the best views in the world


In recent years we have witnessed the opening of many restaurants where the food is in the background, the great prominence is the place where it is located.

They say a look is worth a thousand words. And that's what they think because the owners of the most spectacular views as far as restaurants are concerned. Food matters, Of course, but when choosing a place to satiate our appetite we also consider the appearance and location of it. Over the years we changed our claims and are more conformist, so every time we value more content and form a perfect match continent.

And it is that the possibilities offered to us today are endless: built on a mountain restaurants, on a cliff, on a rock, next to the beach, on top of a tower or within a football field, are just some of them. We found numerous examples around the world: from north to south and from east to west there are hundreds of establishments that impress on the outside but, especially, inside and from inside. From the US to Japan, through Mexico, Kenya, Igalia, Dubai or China we see how the restoration has become a work of art not only for the palate, but also for the eyes.

It would be impossible even name all the restaurants that delight the most discerning diners even in the remotest corners. Therefore and in summary, I will then report the three most spectacular establishments according to their position in space, that is to say, if they located on terrestrial soil, in water or by the high.

The first would be the cave Ali Barbour, and Kenya, which it is believed to be between 120.000 Y 180.000 years of antiguaty. Just modified by humans, This place is quite natural because of the holes in the roof that let you see the sky and the stars. Ali Barbour as such was founded in 1981 and today there are more than 80 visitors who every day enjoy international cuisine which is dominated by fish and seafood. Its decoration with candles and extensive wine list and cocktails ideal for couples seeking a romantic evening.

If on the contrary, ours are the heights, should visit the restaurant 360, CN Tower located in Toronto. It is among the 10 highest in the world thanks to the 351 meters separating it from the ground. Run by chef Peter George, It offers a menu 55 dollars which includes entry to the lookout tower. While enjoying food, the platform on which the restaurant sits tour to reach 360 degrees.

But it is not necessary to leave Spain to enjoy fabulous views while savoring an exquisite menu. One of them is the Catalonia Gran Hotel Torre, which it houses top floor restaurant of Barcelona top 360. In Madrid we find Space 33, which can boast of being the restaurant with more height of our country. further, the menu price is relatively affordable: round 45 euros.

But if what we like is eating while listening to the sound of the waves and the sea, there is no better place The Rock. literally translated as The Rock, This restaurant has the peculiarity of settling down on a rock in the Indian Ocean. More specifically off the coast of Zanzibar, a Tanzania. It is a small paradise where you can walk, swimming or boat, it depends on how you tide. Once there you can taste the freshest seafood and a large selection of seasonal fruits; and drink a wide range including champagne, came, beer and soft drinks.

Special mention should be the first underwater restaurant with full glass dome: he Ithaa Undersea Restaurant. He specializes in contemporary European cuisine and also fusion cuisine using local products. It is located within the hotel Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, in the Maldives, It has been awarded on two occasions as the best hotel in the world. Restaurant All visitors agree that this is an unforgettable experience, dinner is taken as five meters below the sea with endless fish swimming above your head.

Beyond these examples, from the 2006 there is a project devised by Stefan Kerkhofs y David Ghysels llamado Dinner in the Sky (Dinner in the sky). Involves eating suspended 50 meters high with the help of a crane, Hoisting diners and waiters, as well as a large table as you can enjoy a gourmet dinner. The landscape seen is, without a doubt, spectacular.

This technique has been extended to fifty countries with great success even though their prices are, as well, In the clouds: 1.000 euros per hour, without waiter service and menu. The tables are home 22 diners and 3 Waiters. But this does not end here because this initiative has also been born in your land version: Dinner on the Road (of which we have already discussed in this paper), It is consisting of a semitransparent vehicle with a digital table around which can sit up to 16 people. The project aims to bring customers to the desired destination while enjoying a meal and a very special view.

It seems clear that in restoration is not all invented, entrepreneurs dare with any ideas in order to get your business to be innovative and attractive. But surely when we least expect get surprised again. What will be next?

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He graduated in journalism from the University of Valladolid although Fabero (Lion). Working for many years in the hospitality sector. Futura expert in food journalism and everything related to restaurants, a world that fascinates. His other passions: rock and sports.


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