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Restaurants cardboard, booming trend


Two specialized food establishments located in the East are known worldwide for its structure made entirely of cardboard, and all its furniture and decoration.

It looks awesome, but is not. Huang Fang-liang, especially committed to the environment decided to launch something never seen before: a restaurant made from start to finish based corrugated cardboard and recycled paper. It was in 2007 when he created his particular theme park in Taichung -Taiwán-. I call it Carton King Creativity Park and they are part of it, Besides the restaurant, a zoo cardboard, several sculptures of buildings of this material and a gift shop where all the souvenirs are made of paper, cardboard or any of its derivatives.

The purpose of this entrepreneur and owner of the Taiwanese company also Chin Tang Paperware which produces paper products and cardboard- is: “stimulate creative thinking of people and convey an environmental message; the sea, that after using something they can reuse“.

Carton King is the name given to the first restaurant-and until recently the only- wherein the carton is undisputed star, because of this material they are made dishes, the cups, the tables, the walls, the servilleteros, lamps and even chairs. Everything that we can imagine; except, obviously, from the workers, the clients, food and some cutlery. But many tourists doubt the actual resistance of furniture, especially chairs. It appears immediately to convince those skeptics restaurant chef with more than 100 kilos of weight and settles into the seat suggest you; it's more, invites another person to your lap it up.

Another aspect highlight of this unusual property lies in the way of preparing food. It is not important how they do it, but how do. And that is to prepare most of the dishes offered in its letter paper used pots, which they are capable of withstanding whopping 250 degrees Celsius. It's more, Each of these “pans” They can be reused up 3 Sometimes safely. Once these particular pots become unusable are recycled; as with any object or piece it is broken and it is impossible to repair.

Also the structure that makes up the Carton King is, how much less, curious. Made entirely of cardboard ceiling -the too-, It is designed to withstand both water and fire. Thus, the potential and durability of cardboard and paper are more than demonstrated. further, This biodegradable and recyclable material stands out for its low cost and versatility when handling it. While it's true and although they have not given details by Huang Fang-liang or anyone in their environment, Some objects, especially talking about cookware- They have been specially treated to improve their conditions.

If the environment in which this restaurant is located is ideal for lovers of environmentalism and recycling, most agree that customers would not recommend to those accustomed to enjoy a menu of high quality and at an affordable price. This is because the dishes are typical of oriental cuisine and we could find in almost any corner of the planet: soup, grilled chicken, noodles and rice, among others, copan Carton King's letter. It is open as a bar 10 a 21 hours, at which point you can enjoy a coffee or a drink. From 11 a 14 hours and 17 a 20:30 It serves meals ranging from 250 and the 400 yuan, in euros would be between 36 Y 57 approximately. There are also children's menu is available from the 150 yuan, some 22 euros. Nothing cheap when you consider chains as Wok, It is operating in almost any part of our country and offers a free buffet that does not pass the 15 euros. But it is noteworthy that until a few days ago the Taiwanese establishment was unique in the world, and that obviously paid.

And is that, Shanghai has recently opened the second Carton King World. It is run by the same Taiwanese owners, who they have kept the essence of your project following the concept that helped them succeed in Taichung City: cardboard everywhere. Is the recipe for success-for the moment- two restaurants where the food matters rather little, because the real reason that pushes us to visit lies in the potential of recycling and the demonstration that makes the real possibility of living in an environment 100% ecological environment in which it respects the environment.

If cardboard establishments are making a hole in our day, what it seems already settled and widespread buildings made entirely of ice. Hotels: in Canada, Sweden, Norway, Andorra, Alaska, Romania or Slovenia; bares: In New York, Madrid, Amsterdam and Barcelona and even restaurants in Dubai and Finland are characterized by temperatures well below 0 degrees. In the latter country, Finland, We find the Snow Castle. It is a beautiful castle located in Kemi, a city of Lapland, which sits one of the most spectacular restaurants in the world. Everything is sculpted ice: walls, tables, banks, lamps, glasses, kitchen and everything we can imagine. The chairs and tables are lined with reindeer skin, because if not impossible to endure the cold given off. As a curiosity, I must say that each of the 19 years has been in operation has had a different look; This is because they have to build each year -some 6 weeks takes about- and can only be open in the winter months.

Returning to restaurants cardboard, It should be noted that many tend to overlook the fact that Taiwan Carton King was the first in which this material has gained unprecedented prominence, mistakenly placing the cardboard restaurant recently opened Shanghai as the only one of its kind. In any case, it would be interesting that this type of local extended beyond China's borders. For when one in Spain? Would it be possible to make paella or cooked in a pot Madrid paper?

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