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Restaurants fast and organic food: The secret of your success


Although they seem two totally opposite concepts, in recent years it has shown that the fast and organic food are already a business model that succeeds in this and will do even more in the future.

Organic restaurants are here to stay. It is common knowledge for some time and, Besides, we have said in previous articles here. We did not expect, or at least not so soon, It is that these establishments will specialize in organic fast food; and is that, priori, it may be hard to believe. The explanation is very simple: most of us associate with a great burger fast food, a few potatoes, a frosty drink and a good handful of calories, true? It is economically affordable and we like it so much we hardly matters who is a menu that lacks minerals and vitamins.

But do not be fooled. Worldwide there are a number of brands, supermarkets and restaurant chains that only work with organic products what, as well as being healthy for our diet, They are environmentally friendly.

Main problems of organic food

The drawback in which everyone agrees is the high price of most foods, and they were right. In fact, It is found that in Wegman´s -an establishment that sells healthy food in North America- the purchase of the month is twice as expensive than in a conventional supermarket. Not to mention that Whole Foods -a New York trade specialized organic- where the cost of food is even greater than in the case of Wegman´s.

In the United States it is found to fill the fridge for two people for one month costs about $700; salmon and fresh tuna, chicken breasts, organic milk, sirloin, yogurts, carrots and fruit in general become luxury items. A similar example though relatively speaking- people who see increased its daily expenditure on the purchase could be celiacs, who pay in our country 265% someone more tolerant to gluten. In any case a quick solution seems necessary by the big chains if they want to stop being the subject of the worst reviews.

Another of the major problems associated with organic food is its seasonal nature, well most foods that come from the earth only occur at certain times of the year. This is due to in ecological orchards nothing is genetically modified; no chemicals like pesticides are used, the fungicides herbicides- nor hormones or GMOs.

In addition to price and seasonal products, there is a third paste and that organic certification seems difficult to achieve. It has a set price and acquire supposed to abide by a lot of standards to ensure the quality of food. The process does not end there because the relevant agencies conduct regular checks to ensure that everything works as planned.

In Spain they are responsible for providing the organic seal guarantees seventeen, according to the number of autonomous communities in our country; Most are public entities that depend on the Department of Agriculture, but there are also private companies like Case O Agrocolor. In Europe dominated private certifiers: Ecocert Y FROM in France, OKO Y Bio in Germany and Soil Association in the United Kingdom. Beyond our continent, in United States, highlights the USDA.

At the enterprise level, We see how many try to contribute their bit and be a little more eco-friendly. And in this effort to improve those aspects that many customers do not agree we should mention Mcdonald´s, who in recent years He is working hard in an effort to catch the final train that leads to respect for the environment and animals.

This is a consequence of the results obtained in countries like the United States, Where, in 2014 they fell 4% its benefits. With the arrival of Steve Easterbrook, Mcdonald´s will try to reverse this trend by introducing into the American country the same formula, at least for now, It allows you to succeed in Europe and that is simply to go for healthier food. As well Coca Cola, in order to improve its image and leave behind the sugared drink par excellence, created new brands that focuses on healthier products such as coffee and organic milk.

But if you really want to enjoy an organic menu almost 100%, healthy and sustainable, with letters that predominate burgers, The pizzas, potatoes, pasta or snacks, we must consider one of the following 3 specialized in fast food. And is that these emerging businesses seek to reduce health problems related to diabetes and obesity affecting millions of people worldwide; a worrying fact is endorsed by a bleak data: everyday 1 each 4 Americans eat fast food in a restaurant.

Ecological or restaurants offering healthy fast food

1. Nat.

It is a German restaurant chain opened in 2008, the first in Europe that combined the concept of fast food with organic farming. He laid a foundation that many adopted with the passage of time and knew settle in the continent thanks to completely varied menus that have no place from soup and salad to fish, Pasta, or the tastiest steaks.

2. Organic Coup

Si Night. It was the first organic fast food restaurant, Organic Coup It has recently become the first USDA certified US. Located in San Francisco, It offers main courses $8,99, wrap sandwich or fried chicken, among others, accompanied by a selection of drinks.

3. Fresc Co

Our country is also one of the most committed to the environment in general and particularly healthy food. Fresc Co He works in the main Spanish cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia; but also it makes it beyond our borders in countries like Japan and India. It is characterized by a more affordable, For everyone who wants to eat in their free buffet not pay more than 10 euros. Specializes in salads of all kinds, It offers fresh vegetables: iceberg, Violet, rocket…

Other names that stand out are: V Burger, In New York; Chipilin, At mallorca; the salad Rich, in Rome; Roadster Diner, in Beirut Amy´s Drive Thru, in California. It is about, definitely, a big step for those who want to improve their health habits without giving up one of their favorite dishes. It is said that organic foods are less palatable by the lack of preservatives but, Could it be more comforting taste the food as it is?

About the Author

He graduated in journalism from the University of Valladolid although Fabero (Lion). Working for many years in the hospitality sector. Futura expert in food journalism and everything related to restaurants, a world that fascinates. His other passions: rock and sports.



  1. Hello,

    In your article Fres Co cites as an example of eco fast food restaurant. Is this correct? Do you offer organic foods?In any of its restaurants that I've been shown, nor any mention appears on your website.

    Greetings and thank you very much for your reply

  2. Hello,

    One of the biggest ecological restaurants in Europe is 10 km. Santiago de Compostela, in Luou – Teo, and is called Fogar do Santiso. They also produce almost everything they offer themselves in their gardens.

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