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Deaf restaurants that enrich the customer experience


In the dining experience adds to communicate like a person without hearing or eating in absolute darkness. Restaurant business models that target social awareness. Point them.

Imagine you are dumb, deaf or blind, this is what we propose for some restaurants, put ourselves in the place of others, make even more complete dining experience or, rather, to order our food. It is not only an innovation to attract customers, also they try to open our minds, our heart and stomach and, it's more, are businesses that provide access to the labor market for those who have more difficulty doing so, as the waiters of these restaurants are deaf or blind.

In Toronto there is a possibility of going to Signs, a restaurant where all the waiters are deaf and who encourage us to initiate us, or keep practicing, language for the deaf. Here the dish of the day you ask with signs, using language to American deaf. You might think that with pointing the dish you want the waiter, all deaf, would succeed but your goal is to empathize and live the full experience. That is why in the letter, next to each food, there are icons or pictures of people that tell you how to ask each dish. In addition to other gimmicks appear to communicate with waiters, give your opinion about the dish or tell your potential allergies. Even on the wall there are pictures where you see a person doing a gesture language for deaf and under the drink means. Here is the letter speaks for itself, sign language.

Canada has not done 'deaf ears’ this initiative and has opened the first restaurant with deaf staff. This is a casual establishment with more than 150 seater dining and bar. Its mission is threefold: 1, become one of the best restaurants in Canada; 2, promote the use of American Sign Language throughout the community; Y 3, provide opportunities and career growth deaf people in the hospitality industry. It intended to be of interest to a diverse and extensive clientele, even for tourists visiting the city. That is why both served as dinners and meals menu, without being overly broad and complex, It has dishes that try to please a wide variety of people. From a very complete salad, sandwiches, meat or vegetarian burgers.

further, offer discount 20% all meals to over 65 years and have specials on drinks. That is to say, It's not just a restaurant staffed by deaf staff that tries to clients to communicate with American Sign Language. Signs Restaurant is more than that, because the business is not stuck in this idea, but it is clear what public wants oriented and based on this has designed its menu and offerings.

Where does the idea of ​​this business? In the minds owner Anjan Manikumar, what He began learning the American Sign Language when he worked as a manager at a pizzeria in Boston. “I had a client who came much deaf”, dice Manikumar, “and he was not getting the services they deserve”. After several attempts to communicate, Manikumar deaf client and turned to a system based on point and nod, so the latter decided to learn the language for the deaf. It started with the basics, gestures hello’ and enjoy'. These small gestures and advances represented a big difference in customer experience deaf “I was delighted”, Manikumar said, “He even returned the next day with a deaf friend”. This experience encouraged him to expand his knowledge in the language of American deaf and inspired him to open his own restaurant where sign language is the key and encourages customers to hear him contact.

Manikumar flipped the script, here who can not hear is personal. Aspiration of the president and founder is that people see and understand how it is the experience of a deaf when they go to a restaurant. further, It recognizes the difficulties that the deaf community can find when looking for a job and hopes that its establishment is an opportunity to join the workforce. Rachel Shemuel, Signs manager, Explain, I attached the video above, that is opening up a whole new workforce for the deaf community.

Mozzeria is a restaurant located in San Francisco whose owners are a couple of deaf, Melody and Russell Stein and since its opening in 2011 They have already received praise and recognition as the Mission District and certificación de la Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN). Like Signs, It is staffed entirely by deaf employees and made some pizzas that encourage customers to return. The business has proved popular enough, so much so that the couple were encouraged with the launch of its propio food truck, This is a mobile cart pizza. Mozzeria is an example of how a neighborhood pizzeria can become a cornerstone for the deaf community of San Francisco. But not only for them, since the 90% of their clientele are people without hearing problems. The menu also includes pastas and Mozzeria small dishes with fresh ingredients usually from farmers markets community. A wine bar, a local draft beers, soft drinks and desserts to ensure a pleasant experience, no comparison with any other.

In Paris we have a similar example but this time in a cafe, called signs. It is a business where the waiters are also deaf and, as in the previous examples, in the letter the basic signs are displayed for customers not deaf to greet the waiters and place your order. An initiative that allows people with hearing problems can apply without any problem whatever they want and how to bring this sign language to hearing people. So to request a cut sufficient to perform the gesture of cutting with scissors, if a latte simply be necessary gesture milking and hand action preparing a coffee in a coffee espresso. These are some examples demonstrating the similarity between some signs and everyday tasks.

These are just some examples, you've seen that this business model is another option that you can turn to differentiate yourself from the rest and offer a unique experience to your customer, besides helping the integration of people with hearing loss. Do you know anyone in Spain?

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