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IKEA restaurants, your furniture to your meatballs


Who would have thought that the key business of IKEA would be in their meatballs? Of course, the number of people visiting this Swedish chain for its food but for their furniture has grown since it opened its doors in 1958, but, in recent years, this trend is leading to a Rethinking Business.

Michael Court, responsible for feeding IKEA, He secured in Fast Company what, Even if it looks like a lie, the success of the restaurant chain had gone unnoticed for them.

The great benefit of this Swedish furniture giant had concealed, year after year, the triumph of his food sector, but put the numbers in the context of other food companies "suddenly I could see that they really were not so small”, The Court afirmaba. And it is that IKEA Food had a profit on sales of around 1.800$ million 2016 Y, nowadays, he 30% of his customers come only with the intention of eating there.

The restaurant is not the first trend arises from IKEA

So that, after frakta versioning of the bag by Balenciaga and the success of restaurants pop-up in different cities of our continent, IKEA has decided to come out and the furniture industry to bring even more surprises with its focus on the food industry. And the first step could be the fact bring their own restaurants to inner cities, away from the field of selling furniture and focused solely on that kitchen that characterizes them.

It is true that the company had already begun to reshape the spaces focused on the restoration within its stores with a clear objective: adapt to the needs of different types of customers. From family tables with seating for children and children's entertainment places, sofas and armchairs wrapped up the Danish spirit fun, destinados to millenials or couples who are furnishing their first home together. They have no place in IKEA and surely find their space to relax with a cup of coffee warm or eating any dish from his menu brought from the cold north.

IKEA potential in the sector of restaurants

And is that the company from the very beginning has tried also bet on their part restoration by the same values ​​as in the sale of furniture. "Low price, shape, function, quality and sustainability ": these are the principles that IKEA abides in all areas of your business and, since 2013, it has demonstrated in its power sector. As stated in Vanity Fair, IKEA Food hired a number of nutritionists and he signed contracts with reputable suppliers, ensuring the quality raw materials.

With this pivot within your own business, IKEA stands as one of the greatest examples a company that can take advantage of the business opportunity that presents itself.

And is that, who knows? Maybe in time no longer synonymous IKEA furniture, but economic and quality food. The potential of this Swedish company in the food sector It is tangible and struggle to exploit to the fullest. As I said La Cour, your goal is to, in a few years customers say: "IKEA is a good place to eat ... and, by the way, We also sell furniture!”.

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