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monoproduct restaurants: everything taste


The monoproduct restaurants are the latest ultraespecializada gastronomic bet that has become a new trend and offer immersion in a particular raw material.

Enters the restaurant and do not do more, except eat, Clear. No need to ask the letter because here we must not choose. It is not the specialty of the house but to bet on a single product, rather than starring in the letter, It becomes the raison d'etre Restaurant.

In the last times, superspecialization trend is being repeated in the gastronomic news. The main attraction lies in providing a focused expertise in raw material.

In this case, "Less is more" not only is a phrase but a whole scientific evidence. The Columbia and Stanford universities established in the year 2000, through a study, to give consumers many options to play against him when making a decision. And not only that but the satisfaction is greater when the options are more limited for the customer. If we ignore this study there would be nothing worse for a consumer, sitting at a restaurant table, to find a letter with endless incoming, first, main courses and desserts.

With the philosophy that is the more terse letter, easier it is to satisfy the customer, the monoproduct restaurants are already a gastronomic trend. Ideally appeal to the culinary nostalgia simple dishes, Home and popular or what the Americans call comfort food, these traditional dishes that come to remove the sensitive part of the diner.

In many French restaurants they have chosen the typical apples, in Spain you opt for our food products such as croquettes, meatballs, butifarras, ham omelets or, among others. further, this formula can be adapted to the format business suits, from lighthearted, as practical sandwiches Bhutifarridag that in its first year sold more than 30.000 from them, to more sophisticated proposals as L’Eggs Chef Paco Perez in Barcelona, where the egg is present even in desserts. The simplest offering can help the business but you have to maintain a high degree of quality and culinary creativity.

further, there are other opportunities for profitable business and organize events and activities around the star ingredient. For example, in the restaurants Poncelet Cheese Bar Madrid and Barcelona organized basic courses of cheeses where processing techniques are explained, classification or marriage.

These restaurants work monoproduct, especially, in large cosmopolitan cities, New York and London became fashionable and the Madrid and Barcelona have not hesitated to adopt. In an area of ​​East London where modernity coexists with tradition of a working class neighborhood, It opened in late 2014 a cafe in which only serve cereals. Cereal Killer offers 120 types of cereals and 13 milk. This restaurant was done with the front pages of major newspapers in the UK when a reporter from Channel chain 4 He interviewed the two brothers who founded the business. At that time he upbraided them to sell boles of Golden Grahams five euros in a neighborhood that had the second highest unemployment rate of the city. The trend is developing around the globe, in some cases without moral questions about, perhaps because the adoption of the single product is more sensible.

the Parisian Pomze It is dedicated exclusively to the apple. Others, instead, focus on the development. Barcelona the Trout o The Museum of Zaragoza Tortilla engaged in the preparation of this dish. Others have found success in combining the hot dogs and champagne, As the Bubbledogs in London, and Spain are the castiza version in Madrid Champagne and ham sandwich. Juan Tena, its owner, He explained to XLSemanal they realized that: “the ham sandwich was a "productazo" I could have the same hook or more than a burger. But anywhere you find a good option. Ham is never acorn, and bread better not talk. We decided to go with champagne to make clear that our sandwiches are so good that a glass of sparkling deserve better”.

If we move to the sweet flavors, Comaxurros He opened in Barcelona 2014. What they wanted was to take a Spanish product and turn it around and felt that the churro had potential. “It is a good base and can play with fillings, the sauces, the sweet, the salty… That and just have to say churros with chocolate to make people smile”, explains Marc Muñoz, one of its owners to XLSemanal.

Madrid Air It focuses on poultry and adds full day. Carlos Maribona reviewed the establishment and: “It is looking for a good raw material in sustainable farms, where the animal feed is natural. In this sustainable line is also the wine list, all biodynamic”. We also find the tasks (tasca and casquería), a project of television chef Javi Estévez. July Reoyo, specialist casquería, He has been one of the teachers and have combined their expertise to the wisdom and imagination of Estévez, which he has resulted in dishes such as tortilla brains and hedgehogs or tacos with pickled pig's snout. Neither are the calluses, handymen or sweetbreads and lamb.

In the Chema Gastrocroquetería, Chema Soler demonstrates its creativity around croquettes. We can find classic, such as cod and ham, but also liquid cheese and tomato confit and black olives, others tex-mex chicken, guacamole and jalapenos… The ultraspecialization has also reached meatballs in Bolero Meatballs.

In Barcelona we also find Pork…crazy for You, where the chef Oriol Rovira has extolled the pork sausage, spoon stews, baked goods, grilled… Barcelona is necessary to emphasize the special boom that the sausage between monoproduct restaurants. In shop Farra products are always cooked differently. Proximity cooked with products that are handmade by small producers to offer a healthy cuisine and quality. In Bhutifarridag you can taste grilled sandwiches premium. Coca crispy bread, the baked grilled sausages and sauce Butifarring are its main ingredients.

For entrepreneurs, the monoproduct restaurants represent a more profitable business because less equipment is needed, fewer suppliers and preparing the menu is simpler. further, specialization helps retain passionate customers with the product and, at the same time, They are a distinct and attractive proposal.

As customers, the claim is clear, a restaurant specializing in a product is practically a guarantee of well executed and tasty dish that the restaurant is supposed monoproduct quality.

If this culinary ultraspecialization has a future or simply a gastronomic fashion more, It will be seen over time but, surely, only survive those who do well. Monoproduct existing overseas restaurants take years. In Spain we go somewhere for their tortilla skewer or croquettes, so it comes to finding that something that makes a restaurant a reference.

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  1. A comprehensive post. Although the single-minded commitment might seem less attractive than the variety, the truth is, when good product, matters little. About a year ago, José Carlos Capel told of a place called The Blue Swan, in Madrid, which it is dedicated almost exclusively to mushrooms, if you're interested take a look.

    Greetings 🙂

  2. To me this concept I love. The employer can control costs better raw material, there is less product wastage, more rotation, multi least qualified personnel… They are restaurants “stop & go” as I call; you walk, ask you to drink, specialty and other…

  3. Offering one product at a restaurant has great advantages, every time you prepare'll do better giving it the process of quality assurance and reaching maximize yields of raw material. It is a great show.

  4. What an interesting article! He did not know the concept of Comfort Food.
    Communicating this proposal monoproduct restaurant has a lot hook. Regards!

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