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Dog friendly restaurants, a business that grows


A new law passed in New York City allows dogs accompany their owners while they are taking something in your favorite terrace or enjoy a meal at restaurants that enable a special area.

How many times have you wanted to go into a place and you realize that your pet is an impediment? After giving half back and continue your walk, You might have thought the day will come when this will change. Well, it has come, and of even officially.

Just a few days the governor of New York, Andrew Mark Cuomo, He signed a measure that gives permission to restaurants who wish to adapt their terraces, patios and outdoor areas for our four-legged friends join us at all times.

this initiative, known as “Dine with dogs”, breaks with the previous legislation which was completely banned the entry of animals in such enclosures and, a lot less, in their canteens. This is undoubtedly a breakthrough, Nevertheless, does not exempt dogs being strapped on site, Nor they can sit on chairs, banks, seats or other furniture and, if they drink or eat, It should be all in one dish. And of course, If the animal does your needs, the owner must pick it up immediately. It is about, so, to respect all kinds of customers, for which it seems necessary that pets have a good education and respectful behavior at all times.

Dogs lovers are in luck, because not only they can eat with them in New York; as There are similar laws in the states of California, Florida y Maryland. While it is true, not everyone has received this news with the same joy: The Department of Health of the City of New York has expressed its opposition to regulations considered less salubrious.

Dog friendly restaurants in Spain

In Spain, as it could not be otherwise, It is a practice already consolidated. A few years ago it is becoming easier run into all kinds of dog-friendly businesses: not only restaurants, but also cafes, hairdressers, clothing stores and even hotels. On how to manage successful way these establishments have experienced Marga Nunez and Javier Alonso, owners rural hotel El Gran Duque In asturias. They, with 3 dogs, They knew firsthand how difficult it was to travel with animals and decided to register in mascotasbienvenidas.es. This changed the trend of your business, somewhat negative until then, Y They began to receive numerous reservations which included among its guests to a dog.

Thousands of companies in our country have been recorded in the last three years to be distinguished from other businesses and stakeholders to know where your pets are welcomed. In this way, all those who visit the website mentioned above or download Pets welcome the application -Available for iPhone and Android- You may use multiple filters to find the information they seek: types of establishments, pet that will accompany its owner and the province in which you can do. A similar guide is the web SrPerro, born from the hand of Micaela de la Maza with the aim of informing everyone with a colleague as she -colleague is the name of your dog- sites more dog-friendly. In addition to this page, SrPerro is in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and where we want to thank the app of the same name.

Globally also we find very useful Internet portals as BringFido Y Dog Friendly. Both show us all bares, restaurants veterinary clinics, specialized stores, parks or motels that we can bring our dogs wherever we go: from east to west and north to south. Without Borders. We peering but a little, you can appreciate even more curl curl. Doggie in the case of Pubs, a direction in which the music venues in Britain hanging poster displayed “good dogs, Welcome”.

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